Stokewell Counseling, North Carolina Therapist Design Project

Stokewell Counseling is a private practice based in Sanford, North Carolina. Owner and North Carolina therapist, Nejla, created her practice to help others heal from the trauma collectively built over years of exposure. With her specialty in trauma-work, she’s also served in the local school system in supporting students with their mental health.

Project Type:

  • Branding design
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Showit website design

Sanford, North Carolina Therapist

This project was especially meaningful and exciting to complete, as it’s for another business in my hometown of Sanford, North Carolina. Being an online business owner, it’s not often we get to serve other clients in our local community, but when we do, it’s a breath of fresh air and so rewarding in the end.

Q: What are your values?

  • Empathy
  • Connection
  • Learning [about people and the world that shapes us]
  • Music & Art

Q: Do you have a mission statement?

The big idea is “Trauma runs deep, therapy that gets to the bottom of it.” But also, “We support mental wellness for adults, adolescents, and children who are ready to heal from trauma.”

North Carolina Therapist Ideal Client:

  • All genders and non-conforming
  • Adolescents, young professionals and parents who have the resources [time, bandwidth, income] to commit to therapy
  • Love graphic novels, video games, yoga, skateboarding, breweries
  • Struggles with anxiety and depression

Therapist Branding Concepts:

North Carolina Therapist Copywriting Portion

Nejla opted to have our copywriter complete all of the SEO, keywords and research and up to 7 pages of copywriting to complete her website design process. When getting a website design, we almost always recommend having a professional copywriter to write all of your website’s contents.

Here at Chloe Creative, our sweet copywriter (hi Diana!) has written all of our website contents and we consistently book clients from getting discovered on Google. It’s an investment well worth the add-on!

Showit Website Design for North Carolina Therapist

Nejla previously had a website that was functioning, but the problem was that it wasn’t driving traffic to kickstart her private practice. With wanting an easy platform to management, we recommended Showit to Nejla and we are so glad we moved forward with it!

Paired with the copywriting, Nejla’s website is clean, crisp and beautiful to the eye of 20 year olds.

Are you a therapist or other clinician in private practice?

We specialize in working with all types of clinicians but have experiencing working with: therapists, psychologists, chiropractors, dietitians and more. If this is you, apply for a discovery call to begin the process of seeing if we are a good fit!

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