The Enneagram 2 in Quarantine

Hey there, it’s soooo nice to meet you. It’s me, Chloe, the owner & creator behind Chloe Creative Studio, which I also refer to as CCS. Let’s get a little life update for my first blogpost – I thought it might be fun!

Life has been crazy lately. Since March we’ve all been adjusting to this “new life” of masks & gloves, little-to-no socialization and lots of unknowns. In this time, I’ve become an alumna from North Carolina State University (go wolfpack!), in the process of planning a wedding and started a full-time job. I’m super sad to not have gotten the graduation ceremony at the time that I wanted, but I’m awaiting the day I get to have an actual ceremony where I flip my tassel.

Being engaged to my middle school sweetheart has been the most rewarding thing ever and I am cherishing every moment of it! I’m being hopeful that this virus will be gone by our wedding next year – but we never know when this will all go away. I’m adjusting to the new adult life, which everyone has told me is going to suck, but they also say I’m going to love it.

During this time, I’ve also watched lots of Netflix, eaten lots of sweets and adapted to working out at home (which has been great thanks to Madeline Moves!!). I’ve also grown closer to fellow business owners (this may be you if you are reading this!), and it’s been a blessing to have conversations with people who are going through and have the same desires as you do in regards to your business. Through those conversations I’ve learned that small towns are my thing & contain the BEST people, originality is everything, community over competition, and family/close-knit relationships are the reason I operate.

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading about my time in quarantine! I’m sure we all are having different experiences, and if you want to share yours with me, send me a message over on Instagram (@chloecreativestudio) and let’s talk about it! I’ll leave you with this: I am a Christian. I find joy in reading my Bible and discovering encouraging verses to share and dwell on. Here’s a little snippet of a devotional I did a few weeks ago that I find myself constantly going back to read.

“The Christian life is meant to be marked by simplicity. Jesus summed up our purpose with two statements: love God and love people. In humanity, we have made complex of these things trying to please those around us. In the age of complexity, our activities occupy our time and attention but never satisfy the longing of our heart. If we would find God amid all of our activities, we must determine to find and seek Him, and proceed a life of simplicity.”
First 15 Devotional App

I am trying everyday to live a simple life. I thank God for giving us this quarantine to be simple and take pride in the little things. CCS is proud to be original, simple and Christ-driven in everything we do, and we hope you enjoy everything here forward.