The IBS & SIBO Dietitian, Dietitian Branding and Showit Website

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the portfolio, because we are in the midst of re-doing our website to match our new agency rebrand. However, what better way to come back into our blog hiatus than to introduce a new dietitian branding?

You might’ve noticed some smaller changes over on our Instagram, on our weekly newsletter or just in general. Well – big things are happening around here. If I’m being honest, sometimes it feels a little overwhelming.. I’m not the biggest fan of change. It’s a bit uncomfy, but I know it’ll all be worthwhile in the end. Anyway, I’m just glad you’re here with us as we celebrate this transition!

Today we’re outlining The IBS & SIBO Dietitian that launched earlier in the year.

Project Type:

  • Custom Brand design
  • Showit website design

Business Type: Online Dietitian

Katrina was referred to us by one of our other sweet clients, Jamie at The Balanced Nutritionist (you can see her project here!). We quickly learned Katrina was such a kind-hearted individual and could not wait to work with her to create her dream brand. Originally Katrina Cox Nutrition, we decided to move forward with her Instagram handle @ibs.sibo.dietitian, because she has already grown such an amazing presence and community there.

As always, we began by diving into her questionnaire. This is an in-depth form we send over to our clients in their onboarding – it details themselves, their ideal audience, their likes/dislikes for their website and a super fun part– Pinterest Board fun!




View the website live!

Client Testimonials

Q: Can you share why you chose Chloe Creative for this investment?
I was referred to Chloe from a friend who had just launched her website. I looked into her work and design and was blown away by her and her company’s previous launches! Once I started chatting with Chloe I knew I made the right choice!

Q: What were your thoughts on the process?
The process was SEAMLESS. I loved how each part of the project was broken down step by step. Chloe and her staff provided video breakdowns and tutorials that were so helpful! Communication throughout the entire process was amazing. If I had a question, Chloe was there immediately to answer. If I wanted to make a change, she had the edits back to me in record time. They took my nit picky feedback so well and really created the most amazing website and brand for me.

Q: How are you feeling about your business now that you’ve invested into a branding and website design?
This was seriously my favorite investment I have made in my business so far! I am so impressed with every detail and could not have imagined anything close to what you have created. You were able to take my vision and create a beautiful website and brand that suited my style to a T! Thank you!!

Thank you to Katrina for working with us here at Chloe Creative!

If you are looking for a new brand and website design that gives you the confidence you need to actually send your website to prospective clients, apply to work with us!