The MEGA Workout, Raleigh, NC Fitness WordPress Website

Hello hello! Portfolio posts are a fan-favorite, because we get to share details about our clients that they share with us in our discovery questionnaire (get your 13 questions to better branding, straight from our questionnaire HERE). We also feel like our clients deserve a permanent home on our website because those teeny little Instagram squares just aren’t enough! We hope you enjoy this fitness WordPress website!

With all that said, let’s begin diving into the details of The Mega Workout in Raleigh, NC. Let’s start with reviewing her questionnaire.

Q: Why did you start your business?

A: To bring a fresh new way to workout to Raleigh. I wanted to be the first to offer Lagree, and wanted to be the first to offer cardio on the trampolines…and we still are the only one in the area! I wanted a connected community with educated instructors who care for the client experience, enjoy what they do and want to continue to grow as a team.

Q: Describe your ideal audience.

A: 90% women clientele. Not because men aren’t welcome, I think this mostly has to do with our branding. Average aged 30-40 year olds.

Luckily, MEGA had a wonderful branding already complete for them. This brand was super funky, outgoing, joyous and spirited. We felt that their current website didn’t convey the message of their brand, so, we implemented a brand new, custom website design made on WordPress.

MEGA Fitness Studio Branding & Color Palette

MEGA Fitness WordPress Website BEFORE

MEGA Fitness WordPress Website AFTER – Elements & Screencaptures

This WordPress website is made with Elementor and uses Mindbody to integrate their scheduling for classes. There was a lot of custom CSS involved to achieve this design, but the end version was oh so worth it!

Are you in need of a New Year website design?

Our team is booking projects for January 2023. We have four more available timelines and if you book your call before 2023, you’ll receive our 2022 project rates. We undergo a price increase every year as our skills and values increase.