The OG Branding Project

So, I guess you are wondering where or how Chloe Creative Studio began. I call it the OG Branding Project but it’s now established as a successful small biz, Shop Broadway Belles.

Let’s go back in time a little bit. I was a freshman at North Carolina State University and just declared my major with a focus in Information Technology. I took a class called Information Systems Management and discovered I loved dealing with computers. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet, but I knew #womenintech was where its at!

A hometown friend (the owner of Shop Broadway Belles – @shopbroadwaybelles) reached out to me (for reasons I still don’t know why!) and asked if I could design her logo for her new small business.


I had been playing around with the free trials of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc weeks prior, so when she asked me to design a logo, I was thinking:: “This is a strange coincidence..”

In that moment, I booked my first client.

I immediately started designing her logo and quickly learned I was actually good at it. I gave her six total logo options, different color variations and different styles (hand-written, typeface). Clicked send. She LOVED them.

Here’s the winner — and to this day, she still uses it.

Then, word of mouth got out. People started seeing her logo and reached out to me to design theirs too.

I created an Instagram and started posting whatever I felt compelled to — things I do behind the scenes, pictures from my life, branding projects and more.

Today I’m running Chloe Creative Studio as a branding + website design business at @chloecreativestudio. I love it and hope to always continue to.

You can visit the new website live at

Chat soon,