Three Common Things Dietitians Want on Their New Website

As you probably know, dietitians are our bread and butter. We love them. We specialize in working with them. It’s just what we love to do around here!

In doing this, I’ve noticed some commonalities between what *most* of them request when they come to us for a new website design. Let’s walk through these things today and why dietitians request them!

The most requested item is a Recipe Index.

Most dietitians come to us with either A) loads of recipes on their current website that they want imported or maintained on the new website or B) no recipes but want a ton on their new website! Either way, recipes are huge for dietitians.

Not only are recipes a double-double in being a blogpost but also a “pinnable” item via Pinterest. They are relatively easy to write about and get tons of reshares from people making them, replicating them or just saving them for later. This is where the recipe index comes into play.

Normally, we see dietitians having a category on their blog labeled as “Recipes” so that people can filter through all the posts that are only recipes. But what if someone wants to filter it down even further into breakfast items, dinner, appetizers and more?

Recipe index! This is a page that is completely separate from your blog page that houses top-tier recipes categorized by type: i.e. dinner, appetizers, breakfast, snacks, etc. This way, someone can see at one glance all the different types of recipes you have written about, and then can take action immediately to where they want to go next! It’s a top request right now!

Dietitians want an about page that details and highlights their approach to nutrition.

One thing I absolutely love about dietitians is how open, transparent and honest they are with their ideal audience(s) and their community. They want people to know EXACTLY what they are linking and what their approach to nutrition is. Whether this be specializing in one area such as gut health, PCOS or IBS, they make it known.

They also want to make it known that they are anti-diet. They don’t want you coming to their website thinking that they are going to be similar to Weight Watchers or Noom. Definitely not.

A services/coaching page that shows what they offer, program timeline and costs are to be expected.

Because dietitians and their time are so valuable, they want you to know exactly what working with them looks like. Will you be working with them in 3 month increments? Is there a group program? How much will sessions cost? Do you offer insurance?

Most of these questions always get placed on their services page, which is a total win for both the ideal client and the dietitian. Being fully transparent is always welcomed!

I’ll continue this series with more things dietitians are looking for on their website later, for now, can you agree? Are you a dietitian looking for a new website design? Book a call with me to learn more about our process, costs, timelines and approach to see if we are a great fit!