Whole Family Health, NYC Family Dietitian

While on a discovery call with a potential client last week, I walked through Jason’s project because of how smooth and detailed it went. I outlined his intake questionnaire, our branding process, working with our copywriter and the results of his website development. This potential client was OBSESSED with this project which indicated it was time to showcase it! 🙂 Introducing, Whole Family Health, a NYC family dietitian.

Project Type for this NYC Family Dietitian:

  • Full branding design with art direction
  • Custom Showit website design
  • Full done-for-you website copywriting

Q: Why did you start your private practice?

A: To help families build good relationships with food for the long haul and to help parents feed their kids and themselves without guilt, morality, or spending all of their time in the kitchen.

Ideal Audience for NYC Dietitian:

  • Parents of young children
  • Primarily moms or other maternal figures rather than fathers
  • Lead busy lives and know it’s important for their family to be on a healthy diet

Brand Words for Online Private Practice:

  • Honesty
  • Conviction
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration

Branding for NYC Family Dietitian:

Details about this brand:

Believe it or not, this brand started with a completely different name. The term “whole family health” was initially Jason’s tagline for the original concept we created him. After seeing it come together visually, he instantly felt a connection with this tagline and decided to change his practices’ name! We believe this was a very strong move for Jason as it truly encompasses his brand as a whole.

His main icon is a double-oval with three open-faced triangles and vertical line – what could this mean?

We wanted this icon to mean different things: firstly, the three open-faced triangles represent the three children he currently has, with vertical line completing the icon as a whole into a family tree. When you look further away, you see the visual of a tree, which we thought was super unique!

NYC Dietitian Copywriting

Jason opted to add-on done-for-you copywriting to his project – with both a custom branding and website bundle, we highly recommend adding copywriting if your budget allows for it. We have an SEO copywriter on our team (if you hire us, you get the best of the best!) and she works with you one-on-one to culminate words that contain SEO strategy strictly for your ideal audience. With Jason’s scenario, we trickled in keywords locally (i.e. NYC dietitian, NYC family dietitian and more) but also some more keyword-focused SEO in there (i.e. family dietitian, dietitian for families, etc). With this option, you are truly starting your custom website off on the right foot. If this is something you have considered, or if you are looking for SEO management, inquire with us!

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Custom Showit Website Design for Dietitians

Jason decided to go with a custom Showit website due to its ability to be easy to edit but also function with a WordPress blog. Although blogging isn’t on his direct radar right now, we know it will be helpful to be on WordPress when he is ready!

Some really fun aspects of this website design:

Our copywriting includes up to 7 pages of design & development and you can choose to use that in any way! For Jason, we created the following:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Contact
  • Blog

Branding and Website Design for Clinicians

If you love Jason’s project, then we’d love to work with you. For a bit more about us, check us out on our About page, visit our portfolio and then reach out to us if we seem like a good fit for your practice.

We specialize in clinician branding and website design with over 90% of our clientele being in the dietitian space. We are soon-to-launch another membership for a bariatric dietitian and we cannot wait to showcase it! Check out Redemptive Health to see what a custom membership could look like for you!