Why Website Audits are Important for Businesses

Hey there! I’m Caroline, the website design intern here at Chloe Creative. If you’re anything like me, the phrase “website audit”  just flies over your head. Well, two weeks ago I finally learned the ins and outs of a website audit and I’m here to fill you in! Let’s discuss what a website audit is, why they are important to both designers and the businesses, and a few key items to look out for in a website audit.


A website audit consists of looking over an existing website and taking notes on what you would change. These changes may include anything from copywriting, to user experience, to design. I see it as a peer review… lots of times we overlook a mistake or need some fresh eyes to check out and make suggestions to our work. Website auditing is essentially the same thing!


It is helpful to see what a client wants to portray in a fresh website if we (the designers) have somewhere to pull from. Website audits are a way for businesses to upgrade their websites on their own with some designer feedback. Audits also help clients to look at their website from a design perspective – oftentimes clients get feedback on things they didn’t even think about or haven’t even heard of before. 


  • When I first click on any website I tend to look at the overall design. 
  • Is there consistency between fonts and colors? 
  • Not only should fonts and colors be consistent between pages of a website but also between the website and the social media. I tend to find a social media page before a website, so having that consistency between the two helps in user experience! As far as fonts go, stay clear of any script fonts unless you’re using them for accent fonts (they can be a little tough to read).
  • Is the website easy to navigate? 
  • Call to actions (CTAs) are important to have throughout a website so that it is easy to navigate around. An example of a CTA would be a “book now!” or “learn more” button on the homepage. No one wants to click on a website and not know what they are looking at!
  • How is the overall design of the website? 
  • We don’t want a website that is overwhelming to look at… we also don’t want a website that is too stark and minimal. Audits can include making suggestions on any sections to rearrange, text that is hard to read, or anything that could be made more aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Does the site have the essential pages for the business?
  • The essential pages for most sites include home, contact, about, and services. If it’s a dietitian, is there a recipes page? Think about which pages are relevant to the business and what information you would want to see if you clicked on your own website.

Website audits are always important when developing a website. Think about if you were turning in a paper and didn’t get it peer reviewed… odds are there would be lots of mistakes. Audits are always a great idea when it comes to developing/upgrading a website!

You can actually sign up to receive a free website audit from us here at CCS – sign up via the form here and either myself or Chloe will get in touch ASAP with ways your website can be improved!