Why Wellness? How I Found My Niche

Hi, friends – and happy Thursday! I hope you’re having an amazing start to your week and checking things off your to-do list. Have I mentioned how much I love lists and planners?

I am really excited for today’s blog – I’m going to finally talk about how I found my niche in the wellness space. This was a long process, and if you are an entrepreneur you’ve probably experienced the stress and confusion that comes with not knowing how to niche down. This took me a while, but it is such an individualized process that while it will look different for everyone, you will find your calling! I also want to point out that not everyone always has a need to find their niche – sometimes working with a huge variety or range of clients, industries, and businesses can be in your favor. I originally started out this way, as most entrepreneurs do, and then niched down from there. 

When I was initially searching for clients after establishing my business on the ‘gram, I luckily had a Registered Dietitian reach out to me via my website wanting a branding and website design (who, by the way, still uses the same website and branding I created for her!) This was like, only the best day of my life thus far. She was my first *real* paid client for a website design, and I was over-the-moon excited! Her main focus was on PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and while I didn’t know anything about it at the time, I quickly found that I loved learning about nutrition and wellness alongside the design process. It was such an enticing and fascinating topic that I genuinely loved learning about it, and realized from there that I wanted to learn more. After completing her website and branding project, I was found by another RDN in a Facebook group that my first client recommended to me. At this point, this was the second wellness/nutritionist-based client I had worked with alongside other clients in various industries. I took a step back and actually looked at the content I was designing and realized my love for the wellness space had solidified, and it was the direction I wanted to go in. 

One of the aspects that I love most about my niche is that no two nutritionists or dietitians are the same. They may both focus on PCOS, for example, but one may target young women, and the other focuses on 60+. This makes the entire branding and visualization process so individualized and exciting. That said, I know that my niche is very targeted. However, I’ve learned to use it to my advantage. I want to be known as the go-to-gal for nutritionists when they need branding or a website. I have worked hard to position myself as their personal professional, and like to think of myself as one! 

While I don’t outwardly market myself towards clients outside of my niche, I do still accept them on an “if we are a great fit” basis, and will continue to do so! It’s important to me to work with businesses that also align with my own values, so if they’re outside of my niche, I follow that “great-fit” policy 🙂 Some of these off-niche clients include an interior designer, yoga studio, and photographer. 

Finding your niche can be a long, difficult process – but it doesn’t have to be! I am a firm believer that all things in life will unfold as they should, and this includes the process of defining your business and who your niche is. Your niche will find you, it always does!