Why Your Business Needs an Effective Onboarding Process

I want to preface this post in saying that my onboarding process is NOT perfect and we are constantly improving it client by client. However, I wanted to focus more on the importance of onboarding and how I’ve learned it’s a benefit to my business.First off, what is onboarding? What does this mean? Onboarding is the process of welcoming someone new into your business structure. Think about when you hire a new employee or when you are being hired by a client to do a service. In both of these scenarios, you are welcoming a person into your business – which can leave a lasting impression on the individual. With being a service provider, I want to ensure that my client is satisfied, clear and respected the entire project. My normal process as of right now is as follows (keep in mind this is AFTER the client has already booked a 1:1 call with me and decided they want to work together!):

  • Put together a customized proposal via Dubsado & send it to the client via email. My proposals also already have their contract and invoice attached!
  • Client sends back their proposal completed with contract signed and first deposit of invoice paid.
  • I will counter sign the contract.
  • Client is sent a confirmation/received deposit email via Dubsado. This email also includes a Client Welcome Guide and a heads-up that an Onboarding Materials email will be sent soon!
  • 2 days later, Onboarding Materials email is sent with links to their client portal (with password), Google Drive and ClickUp. This is also a email where I outline the dates I’ll need project materials due back to me by.
  • Around a month to start date, clients are sent an email with the option to book a Questions Call with me to discuss any lingering things they may have on their mind!
  • Two week email is sent via Dubsado to let them know that their materials are now due!
  • Project Start Day email sent via Dubsado.

After that, I start digging into the nitty-gritty details of the workflow based on the type of project that my client has booked. So – why do we need this type of detailed onboarding process? The main reason is to ensure we have effective communication throughout the entire project. Onboarding sets clear expectations as to what is required from the client ranging from project materials, due dates, tasks, etc. It’s also important for businesses to have an effective off-boarding project, but we will detail that on another day! To wrap up this post, I wanted to leave it with a way that I can currently improve my onboarding process and maybe it is applicable to you, too! At the end of every project I send a testimonial form, which is a great way to capture feedback from clients on how well we did (design wise) but also process wise. My MOST COMMON problem area has been lack of communication. I’m the first to admit that when I am in my zone of genius, I fail to communicate. I fail to email updates and check-in with people! (if you are reading this and you’ve ever waited hours to get a text back from me, you understand!) With that said, in 2022, I’m ending my lack of communication! I’ve recognized the importance of staying in touch, so CCS is implementing weekly check-ins with our clients to ensure things are going well and to update them on the things we are doing behind the scenes.

Happy Halloween friends! Hope you have a great weekend with friends!