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You’ve seen it, right? There’s the information technology girl who won’t shy away from custom code for your website and then there’s the extra creative designer who focuses just on the front-end design, saving the tech for another biz. 

As for me, I’m all about giving you the best of both worlds. I’m a Showit, Shopify and WordPress web designer and developer, which means I understand the technicalities behind a converting website and yet, know how to build your website with the functionality and stunning designs you need to stop blending in with competitors.

Can’t wait to begin? Me too.

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The IT girl who’s not afraid of mood boards & people.

Showit, Shopify and WordPress Web Designer 

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I was one of four girls in a class of 21 in college. Studying information technology was a realm for men. Who was I to be a designer and developer? And yet, I took my first technology class and was hooked. I put in a lot of effort (and some tears) to get to the point I’m at today — fluent in HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. In just 3 years, I obtained my degree in business administration with a concentration in information technology. 

Now I’ve developed mobile applications, desktop applications, databases and websites completely from scratch for corporate stakeholders and small businesses alike. 

If I let that stereotype hold me back, that only men can be web developers, I would have missed this opportunity — the one with you right here and right now — to chat with you, learn about you and help you bring your own business to the next level.

The Close-Up

The Showit, Shopify and WordPress Web Designer — Chloe Thomas

I thank God for it all. 

So… can we talk about your wild business goals yet? No stereotyping here, I promise!

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This or That?

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Sans Serif



Chai Tea

Cold Brew

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On a Side Note...

Here’s what to expect along the way

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I am insistent on creating brands with results.

More than anything, I want you to succeed. Besides seeing you happy (because what’s cooler than that?), my goal is to build designs that create results. 

Improve lives.

I'm passionate about making people's lives easier and incorporate a “less is more” approach into my style and process. Let’s pass on the overwhelm and focus on kind intentions that make life better.

I act with respect and integrity.

I try to reflect Christian values in everything I do, which in this case means giving others the grace, kindness and respect that is needed in every interaction.

Exclusive timelines with a personalized touch.

I’m not about juggling 10 projects at once with you waiting around for a response. Instead, I set aside strict timelines so I can show up in full capacity for every single business that trusts me with their visuals. I’ve been told I’m the fastest email responder ever!

Recent newlywed

I’m a newlywed, married to Luke, my middle school sweetheart!

Self-designated perfectionist

I'm super organized and can be a perfectionist. If I feel my handwriting isn't perfect, I have to rewrite something. I hate wrinkles on the bed and have to fix it ASAP.

Reese’s enthusiast

I could eat an entire bag of Reese's if I wasn't concerned about my general health or cavities.

Foodie who won’t try new foods

When I travel with my husband, it’s a must that we try new, local restaurants. And yet, I'm someone who doesn't venture out of food groups (I literally eat the same things EVERYWHERE), but I do like to try the same thing at different places. #sorrynotsorry

Notebook nut

Kid you not, when I was younger, my favorite gifts were new pencils and a pack of notebook paper. When I went to Walmart with my family, I always went to the office supplies aisle and literally was overjoyed at all the fun stuff!

Here for something else?

Let’s collaborate.

Interested in chatting about all things branding on your podcast? Want to partner up for an Instagram collaboration? I love teaching branding and web design with an easy, personable approach.

Reach out here so we can start scheming all the fun details. 

Let’s fast forward real quick. You work with me. Your brand gets a refresh. Your new website goes live. The leads come in, the following appears, the profits surge and yet, the confidence you feel among it all is the element you can’t stop talking about.

That sounds about right.

Let’s get going. Send a message. 

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