Let's pretend we are sitting across from one another at a coffee shop.

I might be a little nervous at first, but inside I'm itching to start my conversation, so I do.

I'm Chloe Wood, a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Business Administration concentrating in Information Technology. I love the detailed moments - the quiet times early in the morning, seeing the sunrise and watching someone's reaction to a funny joke (it makes it 10x funnier). 

You just introduced yourself, and I think we'd be great friends. We start talking about our favorite things, which might take a while.

I'm a lover of crime shows, Reese's and list-making! Checking off my to-do's is just as satisfying as biting into a warm chocolate chip cookie. I love having genuine conversations and making life-long friendships - basically, I love people. 

You told me your favorite things, and we had a lot in common. We are heading towards the end of our conversation, so I thought I'd leave you with why you might be speaking with me.

Are you a small business owner who feels lost behind a brand that doesn't represent you? Or did you just create your start-up and you have no idea where to turn? I'm here to help you. I offer a fresh set of eyes to see into your personality, your likes/dislikes and your vision for your business. We will work together to get your business noticed, while creating a support system along the way. Feeling overwhelmed? I got you. Need a friend? That's me. It's a blessing that we've met and a blessing that you want me to work with you in your small business!




I am a Christian -- I find joy in reading the Bible and finding truth in new Bible verses. I want my interactions with people to reflect my morals, which is grace, love & kindness.




I've grown to love cheetah print -- I love earthly tones (browns, greens, whites, blacks) and I find that cheetah + camo print represent my brand so well!




I am marrying my middle school sweetheart in January -- I am SO excited to finally say our I-do's! We met in sixth grade and have been dating since eighth; he's my best friend!




My dream niche is health/wellness -- if I ever get there! In the past year I have really loved working out + moving my body. SO -- if you are a health/wellness biz owner, make my dream happen!

"Chloe absolutely captured the brand of Broadway Belles with our simplistic + clean logo design! I am still in awe over her work and abilities -- she made the entire process so delightful and we cannot thank her enough!"

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madison grace works of art

Chloe made this process so easy! Chloe so willingly made any changes I would recommend to her. She also helped me piece together all of my ideas to come up with the most perfect, fitting design for my art page.

michelle spearman nutrition

I loved working with Chloe. she made the idea of how I wanted my brand to be represented come to life! I love that I now have a consistent brand to utilize on social media and in all of my marketing material.