Branding and Marketing Resources for Private Practice Clinicians

We don’t do hoarding or the whole “white-knuckle” knowledge thing. At Chloe Creative — we want to equip clinicians in private practice with the kind of marketing and branding resources they need to thrive. Our free resource library covers all the basics of branding foundations, email marketing, website platforms, and more.

Branding and Website Audits

Think of it as an intake assessment — for your website. Whether you DIY’d your website or hired someone to build it — our free website audit is for you. Click the link below to receive a thorough video walk through detailing ways you can improve your website’s function, layout, and design

SEO Checklist

When you are ready to get serious about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), here’s where you can begin. This guides is interactive and will literally help you “check” things off to ensure you are getting started on the right foot!

How to Use Your Brand On Canva

In this guide, we share the next steps on what-to-do with your brand after it’s been created for you. It answers the questions of, “How do I input my branding in Canva?” and “How do I create graphics that are pretty?”.

Private Practice Workshop

A value-packed workshop on all things marketing foundations. In it, Chloe covers personal branding, Instagram strategy, a comparison of website platforms, Google Analytics and email marketing.

Market Your Freebie on ConvertKit

In this 15-page guide, you’ll learn the “how tos” of CovertKit, a top email marketing platform for clinicians. The guide takes you from A to Z — starting with your account set up and ending with launching your freebie and segmenting your audience for optimized selling.