Confused to Confident: SEO & Blogging Guide

If you’ve found yourself at a crossroads with SEO, and unsure where to start in your keyword-researching journey, this guide walks you through exercises on how to do seo for website step by step with processes and gives you project examples of the many aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Inside, you’ll find:

  • Introduction to SEO: Website Focused Terms
    • Understanding keywords, identifying keywords for your website, when/where/how to use keywords
    • Identifying page speed and other metrics Google prioritizes for Google Search
  • How to Write SEO-Optimized Website Copy
    • Our 6 steps for easy copywriting for each page on your website
  • How to Write SEO-Optimized Blogposts
    • Our 6 steps for writing blogposts that have SEO in mind
    • Tools and tricks for using AI to assist in blog writing
  • How to Measure the Success of Your SEO Strategy
    • When should you measure SEO
    • Search intent
    • Blogpost quantity
  • Resources for When You Need Help