2022 Wellness Website Trends

Hi there friends!

It seems like the month of March is just one of the busiest times of the year. Hopefully the weather where you are is warming up and treating you nicely! This week I wanted to tell you a little bit about website trends. Just like fashion trends change every season, websites have trends that will change every year! Here are some key 2022 website trends that you can incorporate to stay-in-style on your own wellness website.

Bold Color Palette

This doesn’t necessarily mean that your colors need to be hot pink or neon yellow… rather just contrasting. Minimalist and neutral websites are beautiful, but you can have one contrasting shade in your color palette to really make your website stand out. Contrasting shades are also great for buttons and large typography!

Large Typography

This is probably the biggest trend that I have seen in website design this year. Bold and adventurous type alternatives are dominating website designs, from colors to outlines to shifting shapes and fills. There are no restrictions to website typography in 2022, and designers are experimenting with a little bit of everything. One key component to watch out for when doing big type is to make sure that it still looks pleasing to the eye on your mobile version!

Text Scrolling Animations

I have been seeing this trend on so many websites. Text scrolling animations involve text slowly moving across the screen to the left in a non-busy location. A tip to retaining readability when using outline typefaces is to use short, ordinary words or phrases.

Highlighting Text

This is something that I use in my own designs and have been seeing many other brands and companies doing this throughout their design as well! This trends helps to “highlight” specific words and drawn attention to the most important phrases.

Micro-Animation and Micro-Interaction

People have short attention spans. One way to aid to this when designing a website is to include small moving designs or places of interaction throughout your website. This might be a background moving when you click on a new page or elements appearing as you scroll. One tip to note for this specific trend is that you don’t want to overdo the animations as it can get too distracting for the viewer.

Visible Borders

The reality of website design is that websites are created on a precise grid and are held together by code. Web designers want to go a little more real in 2022, with layouts that disclose their base through basic borders and frames. One way you could adhere to this trend is by leaving thin borders around buttons or text boxes!

Handmade Graphics

Scribbles, doodles, paint strokes, and other abstract shapes have been really in for the website design world recently. They are also great for creating your website more inviting as it adds personal, handmade touch that bridges the distance between online and offline. These are a few of my personal favorite design trends of 2022 that would be so easy to add in to your wellness website! It is important to keep your website “with the times” so that potential clients will be drawn to you. As annoying as it may be to keep your website up-to-date, it is worth it when you have an aesthetic, trendy website that potential clients and viewers will want to click on and interact with. Just remember to stay true to yourself and your brand aesthetics… You don’t have to be trendy in order for people to like you and neither does your website!