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Dr. Alex Rinehart, Doctor Website Design

Our most recent launch was for Dr. Alexander Rinehart and it was hands down the most FUN website I have dealt with in a long time. Wanna hear why?

In college at North Carolina State University, I majored in Business Administration with a focus in Information Technology – I had a wide range of classes from entrepreneurship, to project management, to marketing to my focus of development ranging in mobile, desktop, database and websites.

Coming from a very technical background, I’m always interested in a project that is challenging on the backend – I love seeing how websites are formulated and how things connect correctly to create a beautiful and functional website.

Dr. Alex Rinehart is a former Chiropractor turned Certified Nutrition Specialist and has grown multiple successful businesses. One being his supplement store which is hosted on Shopify. He initially came to me because his website structure to connect all of his businesses together was not clear; the user journey was very confusing to the point where visitors had no idea where to go nor where they wanted to go next.

In the evaluation of his website, we determined we needed to rebrand his business into a more personal brand, insert Dr. Alex Rinehart brand. In his branding questionnaire, he tackled the idea that he wanted inspiration to come from Magnolia, both of which he and his wife are huge fans of their style. OF COURSE – Magnolia is great!

We then moved forward with very subtle colors such as charcoal, a deep navy, a cream and a light blue. All of which provide comforting and professionalism [did you know blue is associated with wellness AND professionalism?!]. In the very last moment of his branding, we decided to add a pop of color [insert deep orange] for call to actions – I loved it!

If you are curious what his icon represents, here’s a motivation/idea behind it. Dr. Alex promotes a healthy gut microbiome which continues around into a cycle of diversity, full health and wellness potential and healthy stomach/digestion too; all of which combine together for overall optimal health and wellness goals.

As we moved onto the website, I immediately moved him from hosting his website to a subdomain back to his root domain. Based on my knowledge in school, it’s best practice to not have your main website hosted on a subdomain because it can hurt SEO – thus, we moved his website onto dralexrinehart.com and kept his shop via Shopify on shop.dralexrinehart.com.

His website was previously hosted via Hubspot, but now it is fully on WordPress. WordPress can support all of his articles that he pushes out weekly AND it can help his SEO. During this move to WordPress and the subdomain, I had to implement numerous redirects [nearly 3,000 of them] to ensure his SEO wouldn’t tank and that there were no broken links.

Some may call me crazy, but I say exciting. This project was a huge one, but the end product is always what makes it worth it.

If you are looking for the best doctor website design, you can book a call with me and get on our books for February!

"I couldn't have pictured anything close to what you all created. From the branding to the website design, everything was spot on and truly more than I could have asked for! I think it is down to earth, positive, and welcoming - which is consistent with my authentic self."

- carolne green

" I wanted an expert as well as fresh set of eyes for my new business. Chloe is perfect because while she is not a dietitian, she has taken the time to research, understand and appreciate the profession and she can also see through the lens of a potential client...I think that is such a perfect mix for branding."


"Chloe made our company, mission and goals her "baby." She was just as invested in the success and cohesion of our website as we were. It was like we had a new member of our team while we worked with her."


"In one word: EASY. I didn't ever have to worry, micromanage or push for anything to get done. Chloe completely put my mind at ease and I never once questioned if she was the right person for the job."


"I loved how I didn't have to think twice about asks I had or comments I made. Chloe is very action oriented and its always looking to help you find a solution until you are satisfied!"


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