Fully-Custom Showit Website Design | Paloma

Paloma. One of the websites I am super proud of designing. Click here to view her live site.

This website is all of the soft vibes and earthly tones in one. Writer Sara Coffin of @saracoffinphoto had an amazing vision for this online journal. She made it SO easy to design this website with her eye-catching photography and words that hit the soul.

What was your favorite part about working together? What would you say to our next potential client if you could speak to them?

There are so many things I can praise about working with Chloe: her communication and energy, her design skills and professionalism. Working with her has been the easiest, most enjoyable web design experience I’ve ever had. But the highest praise that I can give her is that I’ll absolutely be returning to her as a client, and will be referring her services to others as often as I can.

How do you think your new product will help your business?

It gives me a space that I own and control to house content. Also provides a second online presence for my photography business.