How to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

We all have those weeks that feel like Monday’s everyday. We wake up still in #weekendmode and literally feel ZERO motivation to do anything but watch Netflix and lay in bed with a coffee in hand.

But then, reality hits and we’re like “I can’t ACTUALLY lay in bed all day — ” so – what can we do? There’s a lot of things that help me, including stepping away from work on the weekends and doing all the #selfcare things. However, sometimes I’m looking for more detailed tasks that I can check off to do, to say I am more motivated. These are my things that help me to stay motivated, not just in life, but as an entrepreneur as well:

1. Mentor/teach others.

This one is specifically new to me, because I feel like I am just getting to a point in my business where I am able to be known as a “professional” in my area. Being able to show/teach others about branding or website designs has really fueled my fire. It definitely motivates me to continuously push forward to better myself each project in order to show others why brand or website design is essential for your small business.

2. Establish a community.

Ever since I created my business, I felt the need to have conversations with other small business owners so that we can support and share our experiences together. When Monday’s come around, I’m motivated to work because I have other small business owners who I get to talk to and see what they are working on! I am definitely someone who thrives off of close relationships — if I get that one Instagram message a day from one of my #bizbesties, I am so grateful and happy to start my day!

3. Set goals that stretch your possibility.

Some people may disagree with this one, but I believe in setting goals that you may not even meet. I’m a firm believer in “say things to yourself and it will happen” and this goes hand-in-hand with goal-setting. If you tell yourself that you will hit a $10k month – you will do your darnedest (shoutout to my southern swang) to meet that goal. In the end, if you didn’t meet it, you were still motivated to achieve a high goal, with the risk of having a BIG reward in the end.

4. Have a process.

If you follow me over on Instagram (@chloecreativestudio), you will know I just started using Asana. I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me to use this online software. I am a lover of organization, but an even bigger supporter of lists. I love checking things off and having everything organized in one space. I wouldn’t be lying if I told you that I get excited EVERY MORNING to look at my Asana and see what tasks I have to do — crazy lady right?

I totally get that everyone has those days where motivation is at an all time low. When this happens, I recommend taking a self care day — as an entrepreneur, we are the CEO of our businesses. If you want a day off, you get to take the day off!

If you have any things that help you to stay motivated, please let me know! Ya girl is always looking for new things! 🙂

Chat soon,