5 Signs That Say You Need a New Website

I’m in lots of Facebook groups – I try to be interactive in them and provide knowledge where it’s due. One of the MOST COMMON topics I’m seeing across business groups is the question “Do I really need a website for my business?”

YES. A milllllllion times yes. I’ll be doing an entire blogpost on the reasons why – but this post is going to focus on those who already have a website but might be putting it on the back-burner. If any of these signs apply to you, you might be ready for an upgrade:

1. Your website is over 3-5 years old.

If your website is not up-to-date, it can be causing your business to lose potential clients. This article states that 75% of consumers make judgements on a company’s credibility based on their website design.

Making sure your business has an upgraded, modern website can really show potential clients that you care about your business’ online presence.

2. You added/changed your service suite.

Your website is a critical marketer for your business. If you decided to change or add services, your website needs to reflect this change. You never want to miss a potential opportunity for a new client!

OR, on the flipside, if you are no longer offering a service and your website does not reflect that change, you could be getting yourself into a miscommunication with potential clients.

3. Your website embarrasses you.

I’ve seen this A LOT. I’ll be chatting with friends in the DMs and always am curious what their websites look like. Right when I ask, I get “It looks awful. I haven’t had time to update it.” or something of that sorts.

Don’t let this happen. Be proud of your online presence whether you created it or not. Take the time to do it yourself or hire someone who can do it for you — imagine when you have a FIRE website and you’re like “HECK YEAH I HAVE A WEBSITE!” feeling!

4. Your website is no longer a representation of who you are.

This, is important.

I’m all for authenticity and being your true self. If you have a website up and it’s just not who you are — what’s the purpose of having it?

You want an online presence that is literally your personality in digital format. By the way the words are said, the pictures are placed and the colors/elements come together, your website is supposed to be YOU.

5. Viewers are not converting to clients.

Think of your website as an entire separate platform where people can discover your business. Imagine if your potential client didn’t have Instagram or Facebook.

When you go to look at your website analytics and compare them to how many of your clients came from your website you should see a correlation of some sort.

There should be a good amount of people inquiring via your website — if not, you need to make some serious changes; whether that be in the design, user experience or copy.

If you are reading this and having that “This is so me…” moment, here’s what you can do:

If you have the finances, you can contact me about a fully-custom website design, here.

If you are not financially ready, you can get on the waitlist for my Showit Website Templates, here.

Lastly, you can inquire about a website revamp via Showit or Wix, here.

Thanks for reading, friend!

Chat soon,