How Your About Page Could Be Causing You Business

Sooo – you finally budged and decided to invest in a website design, buuuut now you get to the hard part.

Do I hire a copywriter or do I write it all myself?

I’ve dealt with lots of clients that have done both – I’m actually investing in my very own copywriter this year (shoutout to Lauren from @saltedpages on IG)!

There are definitely pros and cons of both. I’ve had a handful of clients that are legit amazing at writing their own copy for their website, but then I have a few who are at a loss for words (literally, lol. I’m one of them).

With that being said, this post is for you if you chose to write your own copy. I’m not saying your copy is bad if you write it yourself, but I do want to steer you clear of these common mistakes that I’ve seen cause my own clients business because they chose to not invest in a copywriter.

Reasons Your About Page Is Causing You Business

  1. You lack your “why”. Yes, an about page is supposed to be about yourself, but it also needs to include your “why” behind your business. Why are you here? Why are you choosing to serve your ideal client? Without this, it leaves readers confused at your business process and without any idea who you are as your own business owner.
  2. You show zero personality. Avoid the basic introductions like “Hey, I’m xyz and I am from xyz and I am a xyz.” Yes – this gets the point across, but it doesn’t achieve the goal of being personable. Take some time to give deep into your writer voice and get those words flowing!
  3. You forgot photos! OH NOOOOO. An about page without photos? Unheard of! We want to see you, the real you, and put a picture to a face. That’s whats so hard about being an online business owner – you have to establish those connections without seeing people in person!
  4. Your page is written like a nonfiction textbook. Don’t write everything like its a novel – if you struggle with writing, hire a copywriter! This year is the first year where I finally hired my very own copywriter and I cannot be any more satisfied with how its going, and we aren’t even done!

Hopefully after reading these four tips, you are on the way to editing your about page! If you need me to look over your about page and provide feedback, email me at [email protected] or DM me on IG at @chloecreativestudio. I’m more than happy to take some time to chat websites!

Chat soon!

Chloe Creative Studio