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Why I Chose to Niche Down into Dietitians

Hey there, friends! Long time no chat, right?

Wedding planning during a pandemic has been no joke. In all honesty, it wasn’t that stressful until it got around 2 months before and I quickly remembered all the things I needed to do to prepare for the big day.

Also, just life has been so busy lately! I recently moved into a home, and that was definitely a lot of work — packing up your things really makes you realize how much stuff you actually have (am I right?!).

I’ve received this question a ton and thought it would be perfect to go ahead and do a blogpost on it. The big question –

“Why do you specifically target entrepreneurs in the health/wellness industry? Why do you target more specifically, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists?”

A ton of other designers I’ve spoken with say I have a very specific niche, which I do.

At times it can be very challenging, because that means turning down clients who don’t always fit my criteria. If I have that extra time, I’m more than willing to help ANY entrepreneur regardless of niche, however, I just favor those in the health/wellness space.


Ooooh it started almost a year ago (woah that’s a long time!) when a RDN in Colorado reached out to me to do her branding and website design. She was not my first branding, but she was my very first website design — to this day, she still has the website design that I did for her!

It wasn’t her being my first web design that made me like her business so much, it was definitely her personality. She was so kind, always giving me feedback, encouraging me along the way and always being so communicative. Even to this day, we chat over IG/emails and might be planning a new revamp of her site so soon.

That “friend” feeling when working with someone, is what made me feel at home.

If you know me personally, you know that I am a homebody. I love being at home, surrounded by family – even if that means sitting in the living room watching TV. Throughout being in business for a few years now, I’ve always searched for personal connections between the client process; mostly meaning, I don’t want my clients to only be “clients”. I also want to be a friend who supports them and can chat with them about all things business related.

I felt this with that RDN and have felt it with every other RDN I’ve worked with. The community of wellness professionals is amazing.

In addition to the community, I have loved becoming more educated on all things health/nutrition/wellness through each client. Some of the things I have loved implementing in life – such as trying to go dairy-free, because I’ve started to listen to my body a little more and notice things that bother it.

Each RDN I’ve worked with has given me new and fresh perspectives, which I am always looking for in my business.

If you are an RDN or any entrepreneur in the health/wellness niche, I’d love to connect with you over @chloecreativestudio on Instagram! Sending all the love your way!