Private Practice Website Design, Nourishing NY

This website… TO DIE FOR. You have to see it! Nourishing NY is a New York private practice who came to us needing immediate help due to a previous rebrand and website that wasn’t giving them a ROI. I took an initial look at their branding and instantly felt disconnected from who their ideal client was supposed to be. This private practice website design is full of bright colors and movement that keeps you captivated along the user journey.

Project Type:

  • Custom branding
  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Squarespace website design

Branding is crucial to attracting your ideal audience – if it’s not done right, they won’t even notice you!

Nourishing NY targets men, women and non-binary individuals between the ages of 15 and 45 years of age who are struggling with their relationship with food. An important target factor is that her ideal audience would most likely want to use insurance. Courtney and her team actually voiced that insurance for their services is something hard to find in New York City – they want to be accommodating to everyone!

Her main descriptors she wanted for her business was inviting, friendly, colorful, inclusive, joyful and hopeful!

New York Private Practice Brand Concepts:

We ended up with a color palette that is UNBEARABLE. It makes you want to come and have a chat with the Nourishing NY team. It’s bright, fun and really dives into their empowerment mindset as a practice.

All of her logo types include curvature [to welcome all body types!] and the tagline “you deserve to find food freedom” – because truly, you do.

We also decided to hand-draw watercolor food elements to give a more “handmade” feeling to their brand, which we felt was very fitting.

New York Private Practice Website Design

Nourishing NY already had a functional Squarespace website [from their previous designer] so we decided to keep it on Squarespace – there’s no need for hassle if we don’t have to, right?! Squarespace has proved itself to do amazing jobs for businesses through SEO.

This time around, I wanted their website to be COMPLETELY custom to them, because their clients get custom support from their team. Over 1000 lines of code later, I created a website that made my own mouth drop!

Their homepage features a curvature marquee that continuously scrolls across the page. It reiterates their tagline of “find your food freedom” in a fun and interactive way!

I also wanted to give a huge thank you to Haley Slade who partnered with me to complete the copywriting for Courtney and her team – she captured the vision of Nourishing NY so greatly and couldn’t recommend her any more for service based businesses!

Ready for your Private Practice Website Design?

If you are a big fan of Squarespace, use Nourishing NY’s website as a BIG inspiration. What they are doing is amazing, and I wanted only my best to be shown on their website as well. You can book a free discovery call with me to chat through details for your own project!