Nourishing Wellness, Kansas Eating Disorder Dietitian Brand and Website Design -

Nourishing Wellness, Kansas Eating Disorder Dietitian Brand and Website Design

Welcome back to the CCS blog – today I’m chatting about a recent branding and website that personally, had my heart at hello!

Nourishing Wellness, a private practice based in Kansas whom was actually a friend of Allie from RestoRD by Allie! How cool when my clients know each other?! Elli is an eating disorder dietitian and focuses in recovery from disorders. She also offers micronutrient testing, and nutrition planning!

When she came to us, I felt moved as to why she wanted to start her own private practice:

“I wanted to be able to reach more people from all walks of life, not only eating disorders, and help others find their own freedom with food!”

As we dove into her branding discovery, I found the true meaning of the name, Nourishing Wellness, and want to share her answer with you all:

“Often times we view wellness culture as drinking green juice, practicing yoga, and not eating junk food. Although I love green juice and yoga, I want my clients to see that this is not the true definition of wellness and my passion is to help clients explore what wellness means for them and it doesn’t have to be something that is unattainable or painful to achieve like the picture painted in our culture.”

I mean, how awesome is she?

Once my team and I learned more about Elli and who she was a person, we found that neutrals with a pop of pink & earth green really combined together to show her love for organic living with a mixture of balance!

The font used in Elli’s branding [above] was actually highly altered to create the curvature that we wanted to achieve – the custom “W” that you see actually contains an “N” for Nourishing Wellness; trust me, we have strategy behind every move around here!

After we solidified her brand [need I say with NO REVISIONS NEEDED], I dove into her Showit website which is absolutely stunning. A lot of dietitians assume that you should only be on WordPress for your blogging, but did you know Showit also uses WordPress?!

We built Elli a recipes page, a blog to come soon, a services page and a way to contact her.

If you are an eating disorder dietitian or a dietitian of any sort, we’d love to partner with you for your new brand and website! You can book a free discovery call with me to chat through details to see if we are a good fit!

"I couldn't have pictured anything close to what you all created. From the branding to the website design, everything was spot on and truly more than I could have asked for! I think it is down to earth, positive, and welcoming - which is consistent with my authentic self."

- carolne green

" I wanted an expert as well as fresh set of eyes for my new business. Chloe is perfect because while she is not a dietitian, she has taken the time to research, understand and appreciate the profession and she can also see through the lens of a potential client...I think that is such a perfect mix for branding."


"Chloe made our company, mission and goals her "baby." She was just as invested in the success and cohesion of our website as we were. It was like we had a new member of our team while we worked with her."


"In one word: EASY. I didn't ever have to worry, micromanage or push for anything to get done. Chloe completely put my mind at ease and I never once questioned if she was the right person for the job."


"I loved how I didn't have to think twice about asks I had or comments I made. Chloe is very action oriented and its always looking to help you find a solution until you are satisfied!"


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