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Pure Good, Skincare Branding

In the dynamic world of skincare, where products and brands constantly evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, a prime example of a successful transformation emerges in the form of Pure Good. This natural skincare branding recently underwent a remarkable rebranding journey under the creative expertise of Chloe Creative.

With a new visual identity, updated packaging design, and an overhauled Shopify website, Pure Good not only revitalized its image but also set a shining example of how effective skincare branding can reshape a brand’s identity and bolster its presence in the market. In this blog post, we will explore the key elements of Pure Good’s skincare branding journey and draw insightful lessons that can benefit brands seeking to make their mark in the highly competitive world of skincare products.

The Power of Skincare Branding

Branding will always be an important aspect of differentiating your business in your industry. However, I say this especially for skincare brands. Skincare brands need to ensure their packaging is on point, their message is delivered through their brand and that they can stand out amongst a slew of competitors. I mean, how many skincare brands are out there? Tons!

Understanding the importance of branding in the skincare industry.

Being an all-natural skincare brand (literally – Pure Good hand packages their tallow balm!), the owner(s) knew their brand had to be up to par. They already had a solid branding, but knew it needed to be changed to have an effect on buyers. Here’s why all natural skincare branding is important:

  1. Building Trust and Credibility: All-natural skincare brands often prioritize the use of organic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly ingredients. Effective branding communicates these values, building trust and credibility with consumers who seek transparency and authenticity in their skincare products.
  2. Connecting with Target Audience: Effective branding enables all-natural skincare brands to resonate with their specific target audience. It speaks to the values and preferences of individuals who prioritize natural and sustainable products, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty. Take a look at Farm to Skin‘s messaging!
  3. Emphasizing Ingredients and Formulations: Branding can highlight the unique ingredients and formulations used in all-natural skincare products. This educates consumers about the benefits of these ingredients and why they should choose natural products over conventional ones.
  4. Telling a Compelling Story: Many all-natural skincare brands have compelling stories behind their products, such as sustainable sourcing, ethical practices, or a commitment to environmental conservation. Branding allows them to convey these stories, creating an emotional connection with customers. With Pure Good, their farming story takes them beyond!
  5. Packaging and Presentation: The visual aspects of branding, including packaging design and logo, are essential for conveying the quality and appeal of all-natural skincare products. Well-designed packaging can make a product more attractive and instill a sense of luxury or exclusivity.
  6. Product Expansion and Diversification: As all-natural skincare brands grow, branding provides a platform for expanding and diversifying their product lines. Consumers who trust a brand are more likely to try new products from the same brand. For example, Pure Good is now offering lip balm and a few more fun ones in the pipeline 😉

pure good skincare branding multi mockup with box

How skincare branding influences consumer choices.

Branding has a profound impact on consumer buying choices, and this influence is especially significant in the context of all-natural skincare products. Here’s how effective branding can affect consumer purchasing decisions:

  1. Perceived Quality: Branding can influence the perceived quality of a product. All-natural skincare brands that invest in high-quality branding and packaging often create the impression that their products are premium and effective, which can justify a higher price point.
  2. Market Positioning: Effective branding can position a brand within the market. It can distinguish a brand as a leader in natural and sustainable skincare or as a provider of affordable and accessible options. This positioning can attract consumers with different preferences and budgets.
  3. Recommendations and Word of Mouth: Strong branding encourages satisfied customers to recommend products to others. A memorable brand is easier to refer to, and positive brand experiences lead to word-of-mouth marketing, which can significantly influence buying decisions.
  4. Emotional Connection: Effective branding creates an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. All-natural skincare brands often leverage branding to convey values such as sustainability, eco-friendliness, and a holistic approach to beauty. Consumers who share these values are more likely to choose products from brands that align with their beliefs.

The Story of Pure Good‘s Skincare Branding Project

Now, I wanna gear this post into a different direction: let’s talk about our client, Pure Good. The thing I love most about businesses are their stories – and boy do they have a good one.

An introduction to Pure Good and its natural skincare focus.

When first chatting to them about working together, one of the first things they told me was that their kids are actually super involved in this business and wanted them to have a say-so on what the branding looked like.

Mission activated, right?

You can read more about their story on their website, but essentially, PureGood was established because Caitlin wanted a better, all-natural alternative to skincare for their family. This is the definition of a family ran business and I’m obsessed. The fact that they are ranchers creates an entire holistic, all natural approach that really captivates their brand messaging.

The need for rebranding and its objectives.

Caitlin approached us because their business was ready to go from a secret to a success and fast. From what they were already doing, she knew that a professional rebranding was what she needed to kickstart going public and getting her products on the shelves.

As mentioned earlier, packaging is super important. So, the objectives of this project was:

  • Rebranding
  • New label design
  • Packaging design
  • Shopify website design

Let’s see how it turned out!

Chloe Creative: The Transformation for this Skincare Branding

The transformation for this skincare branding was AMAZING. Formerly Bits & Pieces, we first decided to rename this brand entirely because “bits & pieces” felt a little too youthful and literal for their ideal client. Overall this skincare branding still remained colorful without feeling too childlike. We wanted to ensure they would stand out on the shelves, too 😉

The role of Chloe Creative in Pure Good’s rebranding process.

At Chloe Creative, we start every project off with an intake form. Here’s some snippets from their intake form:

Ideal audience for PureGood:

  • Our ideal client is named Ashley. She is 31 and she’s recently been on a journey of trying to be more aware about what she puts in and on her body. Our ideal client is a stay at home mom with youngish kids and she lives just outside of Dallas, TX. Ashley doesn’t buy into the fads of the latest diet/health trends but she wants to get back to living simply like her great grandma. She wants to steward her life well, garden, and raise her babies. She wants a brand of skincare she can trust because she’s tired of being greenwashed by “health” companies. Her and her husband make about 200K a year.

Hobbies of ideal audience:

  • She loves to be outside, garden, and go for coffee dates with friends. She is social and always encouraging her friends.

Why will individuals be drawn to your business?

  • We are a company who is using good ingredients that actually work. No fluff. They will be able to trust us.

Why might they struggle to buy your product(s)?

  • Because they’re overwhelmed and they’ve tried so many products before that they’re tired of being disappointed.

Design preferences:

  • A clean look that isn’t stale and boring. It’s got color but it’s not so overwhelming that your eye doesn’t know where to go. It looks so put together that people will think it’s already a million dollar company. My Pinterest board is FULL of color but I also now that bright colors might make people think we aren’t a “natural ingredients” company. If there is a way to add the color but keep the professional level up, that’s great.

Key elements of the new branding, packaging, and website design.

The main and most key element of the new branding was the cow itself. We went with the cow as their main icon because this is where it all began – their ranch, the tallow, etc. Even though their company may not only sell tallow balm, it’s still a reflection of their foundations and the holistic side of it.

The second key element of their branding was their packaging design. We wanted these to be of high quality and have good shelf-life. So, we decided to follow a color scheme based on certain flavors of their balm. Genius.

The Four Flavors of Pure Good

Pure Good currently has 4 flavors of their whipped tallow balm. As mentioned above, we stayed with a consistent color scheme based on the flavor. We thought this would introduce consistency and excitement for a certain flavor.

A closer look at Pure Good’s whipped tallow balm flavors.

Fresh Citrus

fresh citrus tallow skincare branding


revival puregood skincare branding

Clean & Fresh – 4oz

clean and fresh 4oz


pure 4oz tallow skincare branding

Lessons from Pure Good’s Skincare Branding

Every project we have the joy of completing, there are always lessons learned. Not often do we get to do packaging design but when we do, it’s so so fun to complete. Let’s take a final look into Pure Good and results from our time together:

Insights into the success of Pure Good’s rebranding efforts.

Since launch, Pure Good has experienced major growth:

  • Staying sold out of all products
  • Expanding to 4 new types of products (soon to launch)
  • Expanding marketing efforts
  • Active on social media

Takeaways for other skincare brands looking to revamp their image.

From this project, I hope you were encouraged to brand your skincare brand effectively to achieve the results you want. While we specialize in clinician branding, we love working with all health-focused businesses so that you can reach more individuals to convert to a healthier lifestyle.

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