Case Study: Nourishing NY’s Success with Private Practice Online Marketing

This case study has been in the making for a while now – and we’re finally ready to present you a case study of results from SEO Management with Nourishing NY for the past year. If you aren’t familiar, Nourishing NY is a long time client of ours who has invested in all the right things to grow her private practice. Owner Courtney first invested in a branding design with a marketing strategy add-on, a Squarespace website design and SEO-driven copywriting. Since then, she’s invested in he private practice online marketing strategy (per our suggestion) for even more growth. You’re going to want to see these results.

When you book this type of service with us, please know you aren’t just working with one person. This is a collaborative service offering where Diana, our brand messaging and SEO partner, and myself work hand-in-hand with you to ensure we hit your goals as effective – and fast – as possible.

Before we jump into the good stuff, we want to first talk about what needs to happen before jumping into SEO management with a professional design & marketing studio. One of the biggest problems we face is turning down individuals for SEO management because they simply are not equipped with the tools for their SEO to be successful. And that’s where I want to start this post.

Private Practice Online Marketing: What’s Required to Begin?

The requirements to begin SEO or even think about any sort of private practice online marketing, go in order based on our professional expertise. This does not mean that you HAVE to get these things before you get SEO management, it’s just our professional recommendation based on what’s worked for our clinician clients.

What’s Recommended to Begin SEO Marketing:

  1. You have to know your ideal audience. There’s no amount of marketing that will benefit your online practice if you do not know who you are speaking to, or what you want to “rank” for. Starting without knowing this information is a huge mistake and will cause you to back-track later down the road. We recommend diving into an in-depth branding intake form to get this clear.
  2. Your brand needs to be strong to stand alone. I’ve seen clinicians skip this step – they are very clear on their ideal audience but are totally fine with their DIY branding and move straight into marketing. This is probably the most controversial step of them all! However, we might be biased, but this step is crucial to move forward. The best way I like to explain why: imagine all of your marketing funnels point to an email list – but when your perfect ideal client gets there, your materials and deliverables are all sub-par. How will that look to them when you are asking them to spend dollars on your services when it’s not important for you to spend money within your practice?
  • You need a functional and optimized website. We aren’t saying that your website needs to have 100K users per month to invest in online private practice marketing. But it does need to be setup and optimized for both desktop and mobile. It’s going to be important anyway for optimizing your SEO strategy. If you don’t know how to do this, we can help while we dive into your SEO strategy.

What about copywriting for my SEO strategy?

And really, that’s it!

Notice I didn’t mention copywriting – this isn’t because it’s not required, because it totally is. I didn’t include it above because I want to communicate that copywriting is likely going to be one of the most important things about your online private practice marketing strategy. It’s essentially the reason why a lot of users get onto a website – because keywords are sporadically used via copywriting.

When you are getting serious about your SEO strategies, it’s a non-negotiable to hire a professional copywriter unless you yourself are well-versed in SEO research and brand messaging. Now that we’re clear on where to begin, let’s dive into this project!

Overview of Nourishing NY’s Online Private Practice Marketing Challenges

In November 2021, one of Courtney’s team members contacted us in regards to their Instagram engagement being completely lower than normal after a rebrand. They also noticed that their website wasn’t bringing in new leads and/or new traffic on a monthly basis. At one point, they had to let go of an RD within their practice.

Upon hopping on a call to discuss these problems, they had the following goals for their online private practice marketing strategy:

  • Uncover the reasons why their new brand wasn’t bringing in clientele and/or decreased engagement from their audience
  • Understand the steps to get them from where they are to where they want their practice to be
  • Review their ideal audience, their struggles and review brand messaging to ensure they are aligned with their brand tone

Chloe Creative: Partnering for Success in Private Practice Online Marketing

This is where the journey began. We wanted to help Courtney and her team reach all of her goals, tenfold. So, we immediately took action and began our research.

Upon investigating their existing branding, we decided that Courtney needed a stronger brand identity to effectively target her audience. So, we began researching her ideal client to find that this logo could have been negatively targeting them.

Because Courtney’s practice targets 18-45 year old individuals with eating disorders, we determined that a more modernized branding will attract them much better than a logo with a sans serif font type. We also were against the usage of food items in her primary logo, but could definitely incorporate this elsewhere! After digging into her marketing, here’s what we came up with to clearly outline who she was targeting:

Ideal Audience for Better Private Practice Online Marketing:

Nourishing NY private practice online marketing strategy

Ideal Client Avatar for Understanding Brand Messaging:

Ideal client avatar for nourishing ny

Note: if you don’t have an Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) for your business, our marketing strategy add-on would be perfect for you! To book this service, inquire for a branding project and we’ll discuss your add-ons later!

So, at this stage, Courtney and her team now:

  • Understand who they are targeting via psychographics and demographics
  • Have a clear ICA breakdown to ensure they stay on par with brand messaging

Now, we can move onto their brand identity!

Strategies Implemented: Rebranding, Web Design, and SEO Optimization

As mentioned above, upon the research of her ideal client, we decided that a more modernized branding will suit their attraction better. With most of her client base being in the 18-25 age range, they are looking for something youthful, but professional (sort of mirroring the time of life they are in – graduating from college and searching for a full-time job!).

Rebranding to Nourishing NY for Better Private Practice Online Marketing

You’ll notice that Courtney’s first logo sent over was under “Courtney Darsa Nutrition”. Soon after booking us, their team decided that moving away from just Courtney’s named seemed like a good move. After lots of ideas and thoughts, they landed on Nourishing NY which was a perfect name!

A very important piece of this branding was to keep the “fun” while also modernizing it. That’s where the idea of custom water-colored fruits entered AK’s creative brain. Their previous branding displayed a donut and banana without any background on it: with the name Nourishing NY, food makes sense. Courtney and her team are literally nourishing New York via nutrition counseling.

After this point in our project, the team now:

  • Understand who they are targeting via psychographics and demographics
  • Have a clear ICA breakdown to ensure they stay on par with brand messaging
  • Has a brand identity that their ideal client resonates with
  • Knows that all collateral items they create can look cohesive to their ideal client
  • Can use diverse brand assets via Instagram instead of just one item on all platforms

What’s next? Website!

Redesigning Squarespace Website for Optimization

Before working with us, they had a Squarespace website. Now, this goes back into the start of our blogpost: their existing website was not bad at all. The importance was that it was functional and can drive clients to a purchase user journey.

While this website was functional, it wasn’t action-oriented. The user journey was confusing, the branding didn’t connect with the ideal client and the messaging was off. Thus, we entered a redesign and done-for-you copywriting.

Since our first iteration of Nourishing NY’s website, we’ve actually changed quite a lot. Firstly, we’ve hired our in-house copywriter Diana who is the lead copywriting specialist for this project. Secondly, we’ve changed her SEO strategy to be focused more on the keywords they’d like to rank for such as eating disorder nutrition, dietitians in nyc, etc. These screencaptures are from the latest reiteration from Q3 2023.

Key Components of This Website Copywriting for Private Practice Online Marketing

Now, the only goal of this redesign wasn’t to make this website prettier. That’s the easy part! Since launching in January 2022, we’ve changed this website drastically so that she can hit her SEO goals. Here’s some of the things we’ve implemented on her website for her strategy:

  • Altered existing copywriting to reflect desired keyword rankings
  • Implement sub-pages for different service offerings to generate hits
  • Increase traffic through a consistent blog strategy
  • Bring awareness to insurance-based services

nourishing ny online private practice marketing results on google search console
increased clicks and visibility via Google Search
list of ideal keywords for nourishing ny
top 10 pages ranked for nourishing ny

Now that we’ve reviewed the processes and services we’ve completed for Nourishing NY – keep in mind that SEO is a continuous and ongoing strategy. We are still working closely with their team to continually grow their practice, but here’s the things they have accomplished since our current time together:

  • Growing their private practice to hire 4 new RDs
  • Maintaining a 2 month waitlist of ideal leads
  • Ranking on page one, first search for 10 of their ideal keywords

These are goals that the team at Nourishing NY have discussed between their team – your goals may look different!

Ready for your private practice online marketing to bring you clients?

We only take select clientele for our SEO management services. If you’ve followed all the criteria needed to begin your private practice online marketing strategy and feel you’d be a good fit, apply to work with us.

Or, if you’re not quite there yet, consider booking us for custom design services and/or brand messaging.

Get Our SEO Checklist to Begin Your Journey to a Better Private Practice Online Marketing Strategy!

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