RestoRD by Allie, Kansas Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian

Hey everyone – today we are back with a Kansas Dietitian who worked with us to complete their branding and website design.

Allie actually took a leap of faith and decided to go all-in with her private practice; we were oh so excited that she was ready to establish a branding and website for her business that will be affecting so many peoples lives. One of my favorite aspects of Allie’s business is the delicious recipes she makes. I actually have made her Caprese Salad twice already and it’s so yummy!

Let’s dig into her brand discovery: her ideal client is female, aged between 20-50 years old, struggles with gut issues, acne and hormone imbalances. She wants them to feel energized, motivated and know what her business stands for. One thing she made note of was that she LOVES neutrals; think sage green, black, white, tan. However, she struggled with finding a medium between having neutral colors and not being described as boring.

We decided to create an icon that represents the “o” in RestoRD that was open-ended. This represents the constant motivation, support and acceptance that Allie provides to her clients. It also ties in a very modernized, clean and professional look throughout her brand suite.

The charcoal color easily became a focus throughout her brand because it screams clean – we all loved it!

We decided to build her website on Showit because it is a platform that is easily manageable in the backend, but also uses WordPress for blogging capabilities. I’ve seen a lot of dietitians who immediately want WordPress for their website because of the amount of blogging they’d do, but I see even more of them saying “I’m too scared to post a blog because I don’t want to mess up the design…” –> Showit eliminates that fear!

We created Allie both a blog for nutritional topics and a recipe page to showcase all those yummy recipes I was telling you about!

From her website, you can see we incorporated additional brand colors from her palette including a sage green and a dusty blue. Both combined with a tan, black and white allotted for a super neutral palette with an inviting feeling. We absolutely loved working with Allie on her business’ project and will only continue to support her through her journey as a business owner.

If you are interested in a dietitian branding or website design, feel free to book a discovery call with me so that we can chat details about YOUR project!