The Social Sales Studio, Marketing Studio for Dietitians

It’s not often we get to design for a client that shares the same target audience that we do – but when we get the chance, we run with it! The Social Sales Studio is founded by RD herself, Caitlin Mudd, and we were so so excited to brand her new business. Formerly a dietitian who functioned out of her own private practice, she’s pivoted since to marketing services for dietitians (and much more) and we loved how this coastal branding turned out.

Project Type for Marketing Studio for Dietitians:

  • Custom brand design with marketing strategy

More About This Coastal-Inspired Brand:

Q: Why did you start this business?

A: Desperately wanting to get out of the clinical setting, I started my online private practice. I did that for 2 years and didn’t feel aligned. I found it took the joy out of creating educational nutrition content and nutrition in general for me and realized what I had really loved with my nutrition hobby page was connecting with other dietitians and creating content around nutrition. So I started taking a few RD SMM clients and eventually closed my private practice and started doing SMM full time.

Q: Can you describe your ideal audience?

A: Madison is a 34 year old female, married with two kids under 5. She’s a Registered Dietitian with a functional medicine background. She works with women struggling with hormone and gut issues, specifically individuals diagnosed with PCOS and thyroid problems. A typical workday for her looks like starting working at 9 and needing to finish around 3 so that she has time to take care of her kids. She would like to spend most of her time focused on client facing work and charting versus having to spend too much time on marketing. 

When it comes to her business, she wants to help people and have a brand for herself, but her main goal is to make a good income and be able to work from home with her kids. She dreams of having a website that brings lots of eyes to the recipes she shares and hopes to be able to have more passive income streams like brand sponsorships, blog ads, etc.

Brand Words for a Marketing Studio for Dietitians

We asked Caitlin some of her core values, which we translate into brand words during her brand discovery. Here are some words she used to describe her marketing services for dietitians:

  • Women empowerment
  • Compassion
  • Authenticity
  • Family
  • Autonomy

Marketing Strategy for Tennessee-Based Marketing Studio

Caitlin opted to add-on a marketing strategy for her business to outline her brand values, brand tone, target audience demographics and psychographics and more. Here’s what we found:

Brand Values for Dietitian Marketing Studio

  • Empowerment:
    • We believe in women, period. We want to see women thrive in their careers, family life, social life and overall health. My coming alongside women in their businesses by helping them reach their ideal audience, we are giving them back time and energy.
  • Growth & Passion:
    • We love working with RD’s and food bloggers because we believe in the work they do and how integral they are for women’s health because we ARE a team of RD’s!

Brand Tone for Marketing Studio for Dietitians

Target Audience Breakdown for Marketing Studio

  • 30-45 year old women
  • Bachelor’s plus degree with $40-$80k in income by themselves and $100k+ dual income
  • Food blogger or Registered Dietitian
  • Likes reading, podcasts
  • They want to feel like they can get back to what they are called to do in their career and spend less time “selling” themselves with little to no return
  • Exhausted with social media
  • Wants to feel more confident in her digital footprint of her business

Tennessee Marketing Studio for Dietitians

We were so grateful to partner with Caitlin and her amazing team of RD’s serving other RD’s and food bloggers with marketing services. This brand was such a fun one, in that Caitlin loved coastal-inspired tones that brought the calm feelings her ideal audience needs when they view her social media.

If you are a dietitian or someone serving the same audience, we’d love to serve you. Our speciality is in this realm and we can confidently help you build your brand or website.

Check out our recent projects to see if we are a good fit for you!