What to Look For Before You Launch Your Website

Hey there friends! Just popping on here to give you some insight on how to make sure your dietitian website is ready to be published for everyone to see. You don’t know who will come across your website, so let’s make sure your website is looking professional and working properly PRIOR to making it live.

With this being said, let’s discuss quality assurance testing, otherwise known as QA testing! QA testing is simply walking through any type of project and verifying that it is complete and free of any errors and hiccups. Here is a checklist for you to look out for before you launch your beautiful dietitian website.

  • Double check all of your buttons
    • Check all hover actions and colors. When you hover over buttons, special features like color changes and font sizing could change. Make sure these changes are consistent over all buttons!
  • Try our your site on different web sizes
    • Make sure you check out your website on different sized screens. Websites on a phone look a lot different than websites on a laptop, so make sure your website is looking and working beautiful on both!
  • Check all of your images
    • Image file size is important – you don’t want your images to be taking up so much file space on your website because this can slow your website down. You also want to make sure that your images are clear and professional, making your website look reliable… you definitely don’t want any pixelated images ruining your website!
  • Make sure legal links are present
    • In the footer of all websites, you must have: “© Copyright Year Business Name, All Rights Reserved.” and site credits. Make sure terms & conditions, privacy policy, and other legal pages are linked in the footer. 

When performing QA testing, try to look at your website from a potential client’s point of view. It can be hard to look at your website with fresh eyes, so ask a friend to look over it too. QA testing is important to make sure your website is as beautiful and professional as possible before launching!