3 Branding Tips for Dietitians in Private Practice

At Chloe Creative, we specialize in dietitian branding and website design. You can read more about how I found my niche in this blogpost, but in a short summary, I am absolutely obsessed with my clients and how I’m able to learn from them as much as they can learn about branding or website design from me.

I have worked with over 40 dietitians in private practice to date and am dedicated to serving them in the best way possible. Today, I wanted to walk through 3 branding tips for dietitians in private practice.

Recently, while doing website audits, I’ve noticed consistencies across different individuals – almost all of my clients are struggling with the same thing when they come to me; let’s dive into what I’ve found!

Do not neglect your social media graphics.

We start all website audits from your Instagram account. Why? Because it’s very important that your social media and website are cohesive to establish brand awareness. Let’s just say your Instagram is using random stock photography, a very bold font and pink, blue and red as your color palette. But, then, a user clicks on your website and sees professional photos, completely different fonts, and black, brown and green colors. Immediately the visitor is going to question: “Wait, is this the same business?” which is an immediate factor to cause your bounce rate to skyrocket.

Dietitians are known for their super informative Instagram posts whether that be in the form of a reel or a carousel. Either way, you have to ensure that whatever method you are using, it’s consistent across all types of that post. For a quick tip: try using the same Instagram fonts for all of your reel covers. Then, for your carousel posts, use all of the same fonts for titles, paragraphs and call out text. If you have a professional branding, your designer should have given you fonts to use. If you do not, research some fonts via Canva and find 3 fonts that you like and will continue to use consistently on your account.

Show your face often.

Although a large part of branding is the visual aspect of it – another very important part is YOU. As I have seen from past clients, it’s very common for dietitians to ONLY push out amazing content which leads their Instagram feed very “graphic heavy” and their website feeling not-so-personal. When we complete custom brands for our dietitian clients, we are bridging the connection between the visual side of branding and your personal strategy – a professional brand gives you the confidence behind visuals so that you are able to show up authentically you!

My tip for you is to get professional photos done! A photoshoot is a great confidence-booster but also another visual way to showcase your personality thats outside of words on a graphic. My second tip is to get on stories! Essentially you, the owner of a private practice, are a differentiating factor. Show your face, chat with your community and nurture those connections in order to help those that need it.

Integrate consistency across all lead platforms.

What exactly do I mean by all “lead platforms”? If you do not have a professional branding by a designer complete for your business, the only ways to differentiate your business is through personal research [i.e. if you DIYd your brand], personal interaction [you showing up on stories] or lastly, your process. Let’s talk more about that.

To be consistent on all lead platforms, we want branding to be evident on your email list, on your website, on your Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook groups. As much a it’s vital to use the same fonts, colors and logos on all these platforms, it’s important to keep a schedule with them all. I can better explain this by example for my own business:

I send out a weekly newsletter every Friday called The Friday Edit. This newsletter sums up my week personally and professionally. Because I have been consistent with this newsletter, it is now apart of my brand. My subscribers now EXPECT this newsletter to come in their inbox every Friday. This is what you need for your private practice, too.

Think about schedules that work for you – will you send emails twice a week? Will you post a “Monday morning mindset” on your IG stories? Whatever it is for you, be consistent with it and people will “expect” it to be apart of your personal brand as a dietitian.

I really hope this has been helpful for you as a dietitian in private practice. Chloe Creative is here to serve you and encourage you along your journey. You can sign up to be apart of my Friday Edit newsletter here. You can also find more tips for branding [and websites] in my FREE workshop, Private Practice Foundations. Sign up here to start your self-guided mini course!

Are you a dietitian in private practice ready to take a leap on your personal brand?

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