Chloe with Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot Standing Desk Review: Work From Home Tips

During COVID, I’d love to see the total sales numbers of standing desks, walking pads and other work from home gadgets to spark activity in your daily work life. Say goodbye to the days of sitting while working because mostly everyone has either a standing desk or walking pad. In this blogpost, I’m giving you my honest Flexispot Standing Desk review. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Is the Flexispot Standing Desk worth it?
  • Ways the Flexispot Standing Desk has sparked activity
  • Work from home tips to help you be more productive
Chloe with Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot Standing Desk Review: Is It Worth It?

Let’s dive right into the question you came here searching to find: is the Flexispot Standing Desk worth it? In my opinion, YES!

After searching for multiple brands, I liked that the Flexispot was available on Amazon at a fair price. There are many standing desks out there, but you’ll find upon research that Flexispot has build a reputable brand for quality work from home pieces.

Why invest in a standing desk?

During COVID-19, finding ways to remain active was nearly everyone’s priority. With work from home life being everyone’s reality (even if it wasn’t your preference), standing desks increased by over 30% in sales in the year 2020. People didn’t want to get sedentary by sitting all day, thus, standing desks became the solution!

With the rise of standing desks came the rise of walking pads. Although I don’t have a walking pad, I’ve seen nearly every entrepreneur out there have one. Because we work with clinicians, we’ve also seen many clients rave over the health benefits of owning a walking pad:

  • More physical activitiy
  • Better cardio health
  • Less back pain
  • Improved mental health

Basically, what we have learned, a Flexispot Standing Desk + walking pad is the dynamic duo for better health while working from home.

Flexispot Standing Desk Review: Benefits Overview

Ever since receiving my Flexispot Standing Desk, I’ve grown to be more excited in my work from home routine. I mean, imagine walking into your office and having the option to stand (or walk barring you have a walking pad) with an interactive keypad.

Flexispot Standing Desk Review by Chloe

Normally I start my day (with coffee of course) by standing with my Flexispot Standing Desk. I like to start my day standing because I’ve obviously spent 8 or so hours sleeping the night before. Also, I tend to do the more minute tasks at the start of my day such as checking emails, responding to slack messages or reviewing things my team has done the day prior.

I’ve found that standing while doing the “less fun” tasks actually make them better! If you’re like me, sometimes multi-tasking doesn’t come easy. With my standing desk, I’ve actually learned more about my posture than anything. When I’m in tasks that require a bit more brain power, I tend to lean over my keyboard enhancing my back pain by the end of the day. In knowing this, I became more aware by standing when I feel that becomes more of a habit.

Having the option of standing makes me want to stand more. Okay listen to this: have you ever experienced the “frequency illusion”? Think of it as when you buy a car, you start seeing that car everywhere! Well, it’s very similar to this standing desk: now that I have the option to stand, I find myself wanting to stand more!

Before having my Flexispot Standing Desk, I rarely moved from sitting other than the occasional walk with my dogs or for lunch. Now, I’m more aware of my standing to sitting ratio and find it fun to challenge myself to new things!

Time-blocking has become more prominent. I have always loved time-blocking my schedule. Time blocking has highly increased my productivity over the years and it’s since increased because it now correlates with the time I get to stand. For example, if I am editing a dietitian website from 1PM – 3PM, I normally try to also stand during that time period. When I’m in my editing mode, that also is when I tend to lean over and get back pain. Thus, it’s a win win with time blocking and standing.

What I Hope You Learn From This Flexispot Standing Desk Review

This is my hope for you after reading my flexispot standing desk review: to find new ways to become less sedentary. When you work from home, it’s so easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle by having the option of working from the couch and watching TV or sitting in your super comfy desk chair. However, I encourage you to lean into the challenge of remaining active while also working from home.

With the increase interest in walking pads and standing desks, I feel like it’s created this sense of “FOMO” when you aren’t also working to improve your health. By implementing this small change in your work from home setup, you are investing in your future self.

Lastly, let’s close with my favorite work from home tips to increase productivity

To wrap up this blogpost, I want to leave you with a few tips to increase your productivity while working from home. I’ve already mentioned my time-blocking tip, but here’s a few others that I hope you take in your work from home journey!

  1. Start each day with a daily brain dump. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve likely seen my Golden Coil agenda. This is the ONLY agenda I’ll ever use because it’s completely customizable to what your needs are. For me, I have a large section for “notes” where I place my daily brain dump. Think of this as your time to write everything out on a piece of paper to “erase” it from your brain. Thank me later – this will make you feel way less stressed entering your day.
  2. Visit coffee shops when feeling uninspired. As part of the work from home life, you will get tired of your work from home office. We live in a teeny home, so I don’t really have multiple places to change workspaces within my house. So, I like to pack up my laptop and venture out into local coffee shops to gain inspiration and a change of scenery. This has worked wonders!
  3. Take frequent breaks! This is something I’m still working on 😉 There are days where you will see the day go right before your eyes – I encourage you to take breaks when you can. For me, I normally start my day around 7:30AM working. My first break will be around 10AM to walk our dogs. After that, I’ll resume work and take another break for lunch. Resume work after lunch and another break comes at 2PM to walk our dogs again. Then, I make one last long push to 4PM and then my workday is over!

Hope You Enjoyed My Flexispot Standing Desk Review!

Once again, standing desks are the bomb. I hope you enjoyed this Flexispot Standing Desk Review and other productivity tips to help you become the best version of your work from home self!