Branding for Therapists, Kylie Lambert Counseling

Branding for therapists is always really fun to tackle. Being an online design agency who is niched in the clinician space, we have the joy of working with therapists, doctors and dietitians all the time. One of the reasons we really enjoy working with clinicians is the content we can learn from them – Kylie Lambert was one of those individuals who I deeply enjoyed partnering with on her branding.

In this blogpost, you’ll learn more about Kylie Lambert, who she is, and how she intertwines home DIY with mental health in her online private practice. This project was truly such a joy – if you’re a clinician, we’d love for you to apply to work with us. Before I dive in, consider reading about our other therapist projects:

What you can learn through branding for therapists

This project is going to blow your socks off. Solely because, Kylie came to us a bit confused with her messaging. She’s the successful influencer of her Instagram account, Living With The Lamberts. This account is essentially where Kylie shared her love of home renovations, DIY and favorite products to share. She LOVES this account.

What Kylie Lambert Booked Us For

Her struggle was this: she had her online private practice, Kylie Lambert Counseling, that she was never active on. She was full with 1:1 referral clients for therapy but was confused how this intertwines with her Living With The Lamberts account.

Kylie’s main question: can these two accounts be meshed into one? Our answer, a big yes! We saw immense opportunity for Kylie to grow her online private practice AND leverage her audience on Living With The Lamberts. This is where her need for branding became more prominent and you guys need to see what we landed on!

We worked with Kylie on a branding design with marketing strategy. We recommended the marketing strategy add-on for this project since she was struggling with how to intertwine two different audiences: her DIYers and her mental health counseling individuals. This package includes:

  • Custom brand design:
    • Primary, secondary and alternate logos
    • Patterns
    • Typography
    • Color palette
    • Moodboard (Read more about why this is included!)
  • Marketing strategy
    • A deep-dive into target audience demographics and psychographics, brand values and brand tone

The strategy behind branding for therapists

With every project, we walk through your branding strategy by requiring an intake questionnaire for all clients. This intake questionnaire addresses the deeper meaning into your brand. When we design a new brand, we want you to understand why we choose certain colors or design a logo in a certain way – each element has a defined meaning that we pull from your intake questionnaire.

Here’s a peek into Kylie’s intake questionnaire:

Why did you start your business?

As far as Kylie Lambert Counseling, I knew I wanted to eventually own my own private practice. It was always the goal, but I decided to do it sooner rather then later once I transitioned to telehealth and working from home with Covid. I was with a group practice and they were keeping 35% of my income and not providing much for that. With Living with the Lamberts, I started a home account to hold my self accountable and document progress after we bought our first house in December 2019. I strictly did home/diy things, but as my community began to grow and people started to know me, they wanted to know what I did for a living and became very interested in mental health, which is why I started sharing more on LWTL. I very much believe our home and mental health go hand and hand so it felt natural to move more into the mental health direction.

What are some of your values?

Kylie Lambert Counseling: Growth, Self-Compassion, Resilience; Kylie Lambert: Security, Benevolence, Conscientious, Kindness

Can you share your current struggles in business?

Cohesion with branding. I think I feel REALLY stuck here ever since Chloe did an audit of my accounts and saw both of my businesses as an extension of one another. I really thought they were TWO separate entities but now I don’t really see it anymore which has stalled me on posting via social media.

Can you describe your ideal audience?

KL Counseling: Female, Millenial-aged, full-time workers who are motivated to pursue career goals, Raleigh and throughout North Carolina, in relationships or married. Ideally making 75k plus on their own. Organized, Motivated

LWTL: 27 to 45, female, first time homeowners or women looking to start taking control of their home through DIY and home projects. 100-150k,USA based.

Branding for Therapists: The Actual Design!

This is where we get into the fun part! Once a client completes their intake questionnaire, we kickoff their project and begin concepting. We provide you with many logo variations and formats. It’s important to understand why you need all of these variations because we fully believe branding should be at the forefront to establishing your private practice.

Kylie, if you follow her or know her as a human, is such a breath of fresh air. Her positivity radiates but is also so very grounding in her words – you just know if you know! That said, we meshed this branding for therapists with her branding for DIYers.

This brand for Kylie Lambert is one brand [Kylie Lambert] with two avenues: Kylie Lambert Counseling and Living With The Lamberts. We combined messaging together for one tagline, “Mental Wellness Starts at Home” that brings both brands into one.

Genius right? We LOVED how this turned out!

Marketing Strategy for Kylie Lambert Counseling

As mentioned above, we recommended that Kylie opt for our marketing strategy add-on. This add-on is for the individual who is questioning or struggling with their messaging and target audience. By receiving this strategy, you receive an outline of the following:

  • Target audience demographics
  • Target audience psychographics
  • Brand values
  • Brand tone

All of those items are super important when you are serious about targeting the right subset audience in your social media. We’d highly recommend getting this done at one point in your business to clearly lay everything out!

Branding for therapists marketing strategy
Brand values for kylie lambert counseling

What You Should Know About Branding for Therapists

As we near the end of this blogpost, here’s what I ask that you know about branding for therapists: it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re a therapist with multiple avenues like Kylie, it’s doable to intertwine the two. Or, if you’re a therapist struggling to attract your ideal client, consider reviewing your branding.

Either way, as a design agency for clinicians, we are here to help in many ways. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Brand design
  • Website design
  • Messaging & copywriting
  • SEO management for your website
  • Email marketing
  • Social media management

We encourage you to apply to work with us. Once this application is complete, we will reach out to schedule a discovery call to discuss your specific needs.