South Carolina Dietitian Branding and Showit Website | Caroline Green

Aaaand I’m back with a launch post for Caroline Green Nutrition – I can confidently say that this was one of my MOST FAVORITE brands to launch in 2021! Check out our 2021 favorites blogpost that we finished! 🙂 Caroline is a South Carolina Dietitian with an organic design-style that we cannot wait to share!

Project Type:

  • Custom brand design
  • Showit website design

About the South Carolina Dietitian

Caroline Green Nutrition is a new private practice based in Columbia, South Carolina. Caroline is pregnant with her baby due in January and knew it was time to dive deep into her private practice. Prior to working with CCS, she was known as @rd_licious. We actually decided it was time to steer away from that brand and completely rebrand with a new business name – Caroline Green Nutrition.

Registered Dietitian Brand Words

Caroline’s brand showcases words such as understanding, creativity, positivity and dedication. With that in mind, we wanted to combine her love for neutrals and earthly colors to create something that ties in what her ideal clients want to feel, but also want to see!

South Carolina Dietitian Brand Elements

Obsessed, right?!

Showit Website Design

Caroline’s original website was on WordPress, but she found a past client of mine and fell in love with the Showit design. As some of you know, Showit enables design features like no other platform but also uses WordPress for blogging. It’s one of the best platforms out there!

One of the coolest features of her website is her recipe index – she had A LOT of recipes and needed a great way to organize them. I truly think this is a great idea for any dietitian. I would say 99% of my RDN clients have recipes for me to create but no way to organize them – insert this recipe index and it looks great and organized at the same time!

If you are a registered dietitian nutritionist or a wellness professional looking for your brand + website to attract your ideal clients in 2022, book a 1:1 call with me here to get the conversation started. We only have 2 more spots for January timelines!