The Dietitian Resource, Oregon Dietitian Branding and Website Design

As we near Christmas, all I could think of was finding a recent brand that emulated “Christmas” with their branding. Thus, this Oregon dietitian came to mind. The Dietitian Resource is a virtual practice specialized in providing resources for other healthcare professionals. Chloe Creative completed a branding and WordPress website design that we’d love to dive into in this blogpost!

Elevating The Dietitian Resource with Chloe Creative

In mid-2023, Rochelle reached out to us on Instagram searching for a new WordPress website. As we started to dive into her materials, we recommended that we also redo her branding. It’s super important that your brand design matches the leveling-up your website has – if it doesn’t, your audience can feel disconnected from your contents to your website.

That being said, let’s go ahead and dive into her branding intake questionnaire that helps us to get to know the business owner a tad more.

Branding Intake Form for an Oregon Dietitian

Over the years, we’ve perfected our branding intake questionnaire to include more about the ideal client you are serving, visions for your website design and goal-planning for your own business. I often chat with many clinicians in a discovery call that this intake questionnaire should be challenging – we want to ask the questions you may have overlooked!

What’s the meaning behind the business name, “The Dietitian Resource”?

The Dietitian Resource is meant to bring anyone in healthcare interested in nutrition resources (but mainly focused on dietitians) to the site for evidence based materials.

Can you describe your ideal client in detail?

My ideal client is a healthcare provider (most focused on RD2BEs,dietitians and nutrition experts) in the outpatient setting needing help with educational materials and resources for their clients. They are early twenties-40’s. They live mostly in the U.S., but this will be open to all. Most of my audience is female.

Why might your ideal client be interested in your product/service?

These resources are built by a dietitian for dietitians (and healthcare providers) who want simple, yet beautiful handouts and tools they can share with their clients with pride.

What adjectives describe your style?

Classic, casual, calm and playful.

Pinterest Moodboard for Oregon Dietitian, The Dietitian Resource

earthy moodboard for oregon dietitian

From observation of this Pinterest board curated by Rochelle, we determined that she liked natural & organic textures with very classic logo assets. This is where AK’s expertise comes in – we take your intake form, Pinterest board and our professional recommendations to curate a branding suite that replicates your preferences, but also is attractive to your ideal client.

Chloe Creative’s Oregon Dietitian Branding Transformation

Before working with Chloe Creative, Rochelle had one logo variation used on multiple platforms. With the introduction of her new branding suite, she’ll now be able to use different assets for different purposes – from her handouts and templates to her social media, we loved how this brand suite feels balanced and organic altogether.

Logo Suite for The Dietitian Resource, Oregon Dietitian

Chloe Creative’s WordPress Design for The Dietitian Resource, an Oregon Dietitian

In 2024, we completed over 15 WordPress websites alone. Needless to say, this has been the most popular website platform for private practice clinicians. Therefore, we think WordPress has been growing in popularity because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been on the forefront for many clinicians in private practice. Why? Because it’s a way for you to grow passively and organically with the right blogging strategy. If SEO intrigues you, consider reading through our SEO case study for Nourishing NY.

Rochelle already had a WordPress website using the Astra theme. There are many benefits to using the Astra theme, but from our experience, we’ve found there are several “glitches” in this theme. We normally choose to use the Hello Elementor theme because it’s blank and gives us a basic blank canvas to begin with. We love custom work!

Main Features of this WordPress Website for The Dietitian Resource

Online digital shop

The most important feature of this website is the online digital shop – it had to be easily accessible and filterable for her audience consuming it. We used the plugin, Woocommerce, to create the shop capability. Rochelle did purchase a few different add-ons to achieve the desired functionality, but overall, we loved how it turned out.

oregon dietitian shop page

Easy to consume Resources page

Previously, Rochelle had a very long list of resources on her website. While this is a great problem to have (so many resources), organizing them is the most important worry when having a good user experience. That said, toggle menus saved the day!

oregon dietitian resources for healthcare professionals page

Final Result of WordPress Website for Oregon Dietitian

oregon dietitian wordpress website home page

The Dietitian Resource Feedback About Chloe Creative’s Oregon Dietitian Design

Obtaining feedback (and consuming it for those reading this post) is so important! I love client testimonials because it’s the best way to ensure we are a good fit to work together. There are so many designers out there with different investment points, platform specialities and more – we’d love to work with you if you feel we’d serve your practice well!

Here’s what Rochelle said once her project was complete:

I feel relief that I have a way to share these resources more broadly vs. 1:1. Now I just need to get the word out so folks know it is available. Thank you very much for your support and care through this process. I appreciate you very much!

Find More Client Testimonials on Google Reviews!

We will never be able to say thank you to all the clients whom we get to serve – these clients have left amazing reviews for us on Google and we’d love for you to check them out!

Ready for a transformation like The Dietitian Resource?

We are booking clients for the 2024 year – we are working on new ways to serve you, but the best way to figure out what service will work best, apply for a call. On our discovery calls, you’ll speak with Chloe directly to determine next steps, struggles and goals. From there, we’ll send out a customized proposal based on the needs you have.