Women’s Functional Nutritionist Brand and Website, Liv Nourished

Liv Nourished, owned by Olivia Wagner, is a private practice focused on PCOS and irregular/missed periods. As most of you know, Olivia is one of our ideal clients, so working with her was a complete dream!

When Olivia came to CCS, she had a branding with a carrot in it… her words were “I am over the carrot!” so – the carrot was gone.

One thing we tell a lot of our clients (especially our dietitians) it that you don’t need an icon that matches your occupation. I.e. – a fruit/veggie if you are a dietitian, a computer if you are a web designer, a paint brush if you are an artist and so-on.

Your branding is more about your personality and the type of people you want to work with — it’s a great mixture of both!

As Olivia grew in confidence, she wanted colors to show that as well. However, it was important to note that she wanted her ideal clients to also feel confident and resonate with these colors, too!

We decided on a super fun font that had different glyphs that gave it an outgoing and energetic vibe to it! We then added an accent color behind it, to give a super retro vibe, too!

We decided to build a custom Showit website that incorporated patterns (we chose terracotta for a fun accent texture) and fun colors throughout. Pairing this with transitioning text as we scroll, this website is SO fun!

To view the live site, click here.

If you are a dietitian interested in a custom brand and website design, you can book a free one on one call with Chloe now!

Olivia also won our 2021 Brand Awards that you can read more about here!