Yearly Affirmations for Business Owners

How many of you have seen the phrase “Let’s finish the year strong!”? Or have you heard talk of “cranking out all the to-do’s” before the New Year? These yearly affirmations for business owners really help me to self-reflect and regroup before the rush ahead.

I know I have! 🙋🏼‍♀️ And truthfully, its given me a bit of anxiety.

If you’ve been around Chloe Creative for a while now, you’d know we do not take clients in the month of December. This is something we’ve implemented as a team in order for us to recuperate and refocus our priorities for the New Year to come.

When we hear the term “New Year” we often kick-into-gear in order to become a “better version” and “restart” our businesses, our selves, etc. Although a New Year is quite refreshing, it’s not necessary for you to become someone else, or rush into the season if it’s not suiting you at the time. Here’s what I mean:

  • You can take time off in December
  • You don’t have to work 5 days a week
  • You can take on a normal clientele
  • You can fill your schedule with to-do’s that aren’t work related
  • You can end your workday early
  • You can work on Christmas Eve

Now, I know you are thinking, “Chloe, all of these things contradict each other… do I take time off or do I continue working?” and I’ll let you know one thing:

That’s the point, friend. Use these yearly affirmations for business owners for encouragement.

YOU get to choose how you spend your time. It’s all about intentionality: doing things for you, when you want to and how you want to, because it’s your version of self-care. Self-care is something I often overlooked and felt was unnecessary until I reached burnout and knew life wasn’t meant to be this “go go go” all the time.

With that said, here’s a few End of Year Affirmations to encourage you, lift you up and prepare your heart for the New Year. Here’s an Instagram post that inspired this blogpost and I hope it encourages you to listen to what you need! Repeat after me:

I can do as much or as little in December as I need.

Resting now can mean more energy for later.

I am grateful for everything [good and bad] that has shaped me this year.

I give myself permission to have productive days and restful days.

My worth is never placed in how much income I make.

I will not rush into the New Year but remain peaceful and content.

Isn’t it hard to read these things aloud to ourselves? It is for me. But, they are great resetting reminders to ground ourselves in encouragement and preparing our heart for the next year ahead.

Happy Holidays, friend!