Dietitian Shannon, Plant Based Nutritionist Branding

Back in quarter one, we worked with Shannon on her rebranding from Chef Shannon Nutrition to Dietitian Shannon. What didn’t change was her approach to nutrition – she’s a flexible plant based nutritionist. While we have designed for many dietitians in our years in business, Shannon is the very first that was fully plant focused. For this rebranding, just wait until you see the fun assets we’ve created and how she’s completely transformed her social media presence.

Meet Plant Based Nutritionist Shannon, Dietitian Shannon

Shannon actually reached out to our studio almost a year ago. She wanted more information on our process and how we actually operated to create brands that target ideal clients. After some thought and consideration, she reached back out and was ready to take the leap!

Shannon started her practice because she was tired of working for weight-centric companies in the wellness space. Because she is plant-based, she felt there weren’t many nutrition or wellness companies that take a hands-on approach to nutrition. She loves cooking, meal-prepping and learning new kitchen skills to better her clients!

The Rebrand: Going from Chef Shannon to Dietitian Shannon, Plant Based Nutritionist

Once Shannon was on board to work with us, the first thing we discussed was her name change. Formerly Chef Shannon Nutrition, Shannon wanted something completely different during this rebrand. Chef Shannon Nutrition was born purely out of a creative passion for culinary nutrition. This led to a lot of people “boxing” her into only the culinary space, which she wanted to avoid.

Instead, she wanted something that encompassed her knowledge of plant-based foods and the ability to put the tools of cooking to use. Her ultimate goal was to help her clients have fun in the kitchen as they transition to a plant-based diet (and from a plant based nutritionist) and gain the courage to create meals that actually make you feel good.

While she does take a food-first approach to nutrition, boxing her into culinary work wasn’t what she envisioned. Thus, she wanted something that was more inclusive to non-diet and expansive for other opportunities.

Chloe Creative’s Role: Crafting Shannon’s Vision into a Vibrant Brand Identity

After helping Shannon brainstorm some names, we ended up on Dietitian Shannon. By using and expressing her credentials (Registered Dietitian), she wasn’t cutting off her culinary experience nor her professional health & nutrition coaching either. There are many ways to express the different aspects as a dietitian. Messaging, branding elements, copywriting and tone of voice can be so helpful for this!

Once the name was solidified, we dove right into her intake questionnaire to learn all the following:

  • Ideal Audience: 20-40 year old women with established careers. History of restrictive dieting that lead to increased stress on the body. Motivated to eat plant-based diets based on their own research but feel unsure how to navigate this area without feeling restrictive or dieting.
  • Struggles of ideal audience: Stressing about their health, perfectionism, identifying quality nutrition information, trying to DIY everything, breaking the dieting habit on their own, eating plant-based while still meeting their nutrition needs/health goals
  • Why will your ideal audience choose you? I have lived and professional experience that can relate to what they are going through. I’m a compassionate, weight-inclusive provider who encourages flexibility in habits & intentions. My audience enjoys my food-first approach and ability to make plant-based eating fun, delicious, simple, & practical for busy lifestyles.

As always, we kicked off Shannon’s project on a Monday and on the following Monday she received her email with her branding proofs 🎉 As a plant based nutritionist, we really wanted this brand to have a focal point of hand-drawn food elements that she could use within messaging to convey the variety that a plant based diet can have.

We send our proofs in a PDF form where Shannon can collaborate with us to make changes on any elements within her brand board.

And you guys – just wait until you see the final results! We were obsessed with how this turned out and how Shannon has transformed her social media by using these assets to strengthen her online presence. Before we dive into her concepts, I also want to preface this to say this only took one round of minor revisions to approve! AKA – we nailed it!

How We Crafted the Concepts for this Plant Based Nutritionist

Our Junior Designer Kate took the lead on this project and did an amazing job at incorporating the inspiration for lots of handdrawn food icons to use to flesh out this branding.

After one presentation round, we ended up only having to tweak a few of the illustrations and swapping out the main icon in the primary logo! Let’s dive into this branding!

As you’ll see, her branding incorporates lettuce, carrots, avocados, broccoli and oranges. Reason being: these are often the first food items that come to mind when we think plant based. Although there are many food recommendations that Shannon gives her clients as a plant based nutritionist, it was important that we kept these identifiable to someone who might be new to this diet or lifestyle.

Confidence in Action: Shannon’s Enhanced Impact as a Plant Based Nutritionist

As part of our intake questionnaire, we ask about current difficulties in business and this is what Shannon answered to that question:

Selling & marketing my services! I’m also struggling to motivate myself to be consistent with my goals. I enjoy having accountability and struggle to work by myself all the time.

With that in mind, we see this answer a lot in clients who haven’t ever had a professional branding done before. Often when a client gets a rebranding, you’ll receive branding guidelines that explain when, where and how to use your branding concepts. This tends to be the first step in overcoming that struggle!

Attached below is a sample of Shannon’s Instagram feed before her rebrand. Not bad, right? However, we could understand where the struggle of consistency came into play. Shannon did a great job at staying consistent with color and type, but often this isn’t enough to give your brand variety = you get tired of posting posts that look the same.

chef shannon nutritionist instagram feed

Shannon’s feed now uses a balance of typography (in correct usage) with limited colors to not distract her ideal client from consuming the content. She’s also been posting way more frequently – way to go Shannon!

plant based nutritionist instagram feed

Having a strong branding presence within your Instagram is a large way you can connect with your ideal client. With everything being online, it’s often hard to show your clients your personality or personal likes/dislikes. Your branding (logos, colors and type) combines together to cohesively convey this emotionally. It’s so fun!

Client Testimonial: Shannon’s Gratitude for Chloe Creative’s Expertise

Post-project, we ask our clients to give us an internal review of our processes, team and anything they’d like to say us without being released to the public if not comfortable. We asked Shannon how our process and communication was:

Amazing design concepts; totally aligned with my plant-based nutrition niche while also giving a calming, professional vibe. OMG communication was so smooth! The video tutorials are great and you are quick to respond. I’m impressed with how quickly this project turned around. Not having any other experience with this, I don’t know if it’s too rushed or not (?). But I’m happy I have all my files and can start using them soon. 🙂

As our closing question, we asked: how do you feel now that the project is over?

SO EXCITED for the projects I have planned! (I am still waiting on my new LLC change to be approved from the state, so I won’t be sharing my branding until that’s officially approved, though.)

One of the last opportunities is to leave a public review if you feel called to do so and so graciously Shannon did. Here’s hers:

plant based nutritionist google review

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