Designing for Growth: Milestones & Motherhood’s Physical Therapist Website

You might know the account Milestones & Motherhood on Instagram. This is an online practice founded by KC, who is a pediatric physical therapist. In 2023, KC and her team hired Chloe Creative to rebrand her business and redesign her physical therapist website via Squarespace. Lastly, we also navigated around creating a second website for a new brand KC was introducing. You’re not going to want to miss this one!

Nurturing Development Online with a Pediatric Physical Therapist Website

Dr. KC Rickerd is a physical therapist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of babies 0-3 years old. She’s the founder of Milestones & Motherhood and Journey Through Milestones PT. On both her website and different social media outlets, you can find tons of personalized information to educate and provide parents with the tools they need to support their child in development.

How We Got Started

With this growth and expansion of her practice, one of KC’s team members reached out to us needing a design for their new in-person office, Journey Through Milestones Physical Therapy. While idea-creating for that business, we found that a cohesive rebranding was necessary for this change in growth and thus, we decided to rehaul everything.

For this project, I’m not going to dive too much into the intake questionnaire or process that we always follow. But, it was essential that we learned the ropes of KC’s practice to get this right. We chatted through existing branding, ideal clients and vision(s) for the website itself.

Crafting a Compassionate Branding Identity for the Pediatric Physical Therapist Website

KC has built her social media with her ideal clients in mind – she’s found herself labeled as a professional in her field of expertise. The problem with her old branding wasn’t that it was bad, it just didn’t encapsulate the growth that she – as a brand – was experiencing. However, we were able to use her previous brand colors and mesh this with fresh & new colors to bring a freshness with the rebrand.

With clients who have large followings, there is always some concern about rebranding and your audience feeling disconnected. This is totally valid. This is why we like to incorporate elements from your past branding in any way that can be reused or refreshed. As an example, we took the primary green color from The Baby Dietitian’s previous branding and reused it in her newly refreshed brand. It worked well and her audience smoothly recognized her rebranding.

Key Points of Milestones & Motherhood Rebranding

As always, we ask clients to describe their brand style via adjectives – here’s what KC and her team selected:

  • Classic, modern, casual, calm and playful

We find that most of our clients who deal with pediatrics of some sort often have similar colors and stylistic tastes. This totally makes sense because they are essentially targeting the same audience but with different offers! Check out some of our other clients:

Branding Assets for Milestones & Motherhood

Overall, this branding incorporates fun but subtle elements – i.e. shapes and abstract elements. However, we found that a stark contrast to her darkest black made the other colors more soft and prominent while bringing in modernness with her typography.

For Journey Through Milestones PT

For the sister brand, we used the same color palette and styling to craft a cohesive brand suite:

Squarespace Website Design: Constructing a Digital Home for the Pediatric Physical Therapist Website

Our philosophy with designing websites will always come back to what the client wants. However, in our design expertise, we prefer websites with a lot of information to be separated by clearly defined sections. This creates for a more seamless user experience (UX) with easier direction to specific call to actions.

KC and her team loved the patterns we created and really wanted these to be used within the website. Therefore, we decided to incorporate them as background and accent elements to the rest of the website. As you’ll see, her buttons are rounded which really play into the shape aspect from her patterns.

physical therapist website design

After a few rounds of revisions, KC & her team word-smithed some of the existing copywriting to help us craft a better vision of the website design. As we neared the end of this project, we were super pleased with how this came out. Next, the Journey Through Milestones website was also created!

Journey Through Milestones Physical Therapist Website

You’ll notice that this website is a clear reflection of the parent website, Milestones & Motherhood. That’s correct! With having a sister brand, you want to make sure both brands work cohesively together so that a user navigating the website never feels disconnected. This is the number one reason why Google Analytics report show a high bounce rate when coming from social media: if your branding on social media doesn’t match the branding on your website, people WILL feel disconnected.

Why A Pediatric Physical Therapist Needs a Website

Some of you might be wondering: if KC has such a great follower base on social media, then why the need for a website? I’d love to answer this for you:

Reasons Why You Need a Physical Therapist Website:

  1. Appointment scheduling and method of contact.
    1. Anyone who has an active social media profile knows how hard it can be responding to requests and DMs. Especially, when you’re a clinician. As a clinician, you cannot provide legal advice via the internet. Having a website with ease of appointment scheduling and ability to get in touch creates an easier workflow for you.
  2. Free Resources for your ideal client
    1. This is huge because this contributes to a sales funnel process. On your website, you have the ability to share so much free information via a resources page or blog. Whatever method that might be for you, connect it to a email opt-in and you will grow an email list!
  3. Online Visibility through SEO.
    1. I’ll preach this forever. Search Engine Optimization has a shelf-live of YEARS. Your website serves as a central hub where potential clients can easily find information about you, your method of practice and contact details. However, as you grow and write blogposts, you can become visible for exactly what your ideal client searches.
  4. Incorporates your professional branding.
    1. This seems obvious – but your website is your front door to getting people to work with you. As you have a professional branding, this creates a positive and memorable experience with ideal clients to remember your brand and craft brand awareness.

Explore the Pediatric Physical Therapist Website Designed by Chloe Creative

If you want to explore the two websites we’ve created for KC and her team – go to Milestones & Motherhood or Journey Through Milestones to see our work. It has been so amazing to connect with everyone who worked for KC and KC herself.

If you have a private practice and are considering any of the following:

  • Brand design
  • Website design
  • VIP Days
  • SEO services
  • Copywriting

Look no further – at Chloe Creative, we’re a one stop shop for clinicians in private practice. Apply for a call so we can customize a package for you!