Chloe Creative, Deep Dive Into A Private Practice Marketing Agency

With our team retreat last week, what better way to kickoff February than a post about who we are as a team. Consider this blogpost an update of our current team members, vision & goals for this year, what services we offer, what we’d recommend to a new private practice owner and some final things we’ve learned as a private practice marketing agency since 2018.

Our Private Practice Marketing Agency, Chloe Creative

Understanding brand strategy of our private practice marketing agency

We get asked all the time, “Why private practice clinicians?” and that’s not what this post is about – we have an entire post on this from earlier in our blog! What we will be going through is all the aspects of the Chloe Creative brand as a private practice marketing agency. Starting with, our values.

Values of Chloe Creative

In our branding intake questionnaire, we ask our clients what their values are – this can be both personal or professional values. Regardless, it’s essentially that every business has their value system laid out and identified before moving forward. Ask yourself: what will your private practice close protecting? What is your non-negotiables? Here’s ours:


Ever since Chloe Creative was established, community has always been at the forefront. But, more specific than community, we want everyone to feel included. To achieve this, we make our services very accommodating for any types of budgets by offering extensive payment plans and lower-cost service offerings.

Attentiveness & Appreciation

Details matter even more than the big picture, in our opinion. This is why our process has been through refinements year after year – we pay attention to gaps of communication and listen to how we can improve for our clients. Aside from our process, we emphasize efficiency (i.e. getting you in and getting you out) as quick as possible so you can start serving your clients, but also embracing the small moments where our clients become friends!

Faithful Foundation

At our core, we are Christ-followers. Our faith is who we are: where we hope to spread the love of Jesus through our kindness, encouragement and support. We extend beyond transactions with our clients – we love making friendships and families our of our community. It is the hope that everyone who encounters Chloe Creative feels the love of God and the inclusivity of Jesus no matter their walk of life.

Mission & Vision of Chloe Creative

Hear me out: you do not have to post your mission and vision on your website in order for people to know what it is. I like to think of your mission and vision as a helpful tool internally – however, in a case like this blogpost, it can be helpful to share your mission and vision to give context of who you are!

That said, here’s an outline of ours:

Mission = today

Our mission tells our audience why we exist in the here and now.

To empower private practice clinicians and provide creative solutions that transform the way they are able to show up in their practice and serve their patients.

Vision = tomorrow

Our vision tells our audience how we hope to change the future with our services & values.

To create a community of private practice clinicians who are able to not just serve their patients with confidence, but also collaborate with one another. We want to create a world where the clinicians who are always serving others are getting poured into as well and provided the resources they need to build their practice and uplift each other for better patient-care and better self-care.

Private Practice Marketing Agency Problem Statement & Brand Promises

As a business, your problem statement is how you solve a problem for your ideal client. What issues do they have and how does your business uniquely solve them?

Problem Statement:

Through an effective and proven process, Chloe Creative removes the burden of the constant guess-work for clinicians who are unsure how to create a solid foundation for their practice. Our expertise goes beyond how to create a single logo (which won’t get you very far). We help clinicians establish a footing in their marketplace that is the backbone for their future success in serving their patients.

Brand Promises:

Your brand promise are the things you promise (or vow) to serve / complete for your ideal client. This helps to create a connection between you and your ideal client.

  • Serve as a trusted advisor and strategic partner for our clients – this means we promise to always lead with understanding and only give direction that serves our clients and their patients – to never mislead clients with services that are only self-serving.
  • Promise to give clients the best options for web design that will serve their practice. We build on a variety of platforms and will never push only one specific web platform onto clients due to any type of partnership or personal preference.
  • Realize our clients work in extremely private and vulnerable fields such as mental health, medical practice, therapy and more. We promise to uphold the greatest integrity and professionalism for respect for our client’s professions and their patients.

Meet Our Team: The Creatives Behind a Successful Private Practice Marketing Agency

Our private practice marketing agency has grown, swapped around, changed and developed in many different ways over the years. There has been mistakes and lessons learned in hiring, but there has been many wins – and these are those!

Our team is made up of a team of specialized individuals to provide a seamless client experience from start to finish. Unlike some smaller studios where the owner is wearing all the hats, Chloe Creative is built by a team of experts that allows the agency to flow smoothly and work at a faster and stronger capacity.

Chloe Thomas | Owner & Founder

founder of private practice marketing agency

Chloe Thomas founded Chloe Creative as a sophomore at North Carolina State University. What started off as a creative side job to gain experience, slowly but surely turned into a full-time gig. In May 2021, Chloe Creative was taken full time and made it’s first hire in August 2021. Being a full-time business owner at the age of 21 was scary, but challenged Chloe in many ways to only make her the best business owner she can be right now.

Personally, she’s married to her middle school sweetheart, Luke with two dogs named Wallen & Brew. After college, they moved back home to a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. Chloe enjoys Peloton classes, reading thrillers, and sweet tea.

AK Simmons | Creative Director

creative director of private practice marketing agency

AK Simmons is an Atlanta-based brand designer and founder of Half Pint Design. In August 2021, she was hired by Chloe to tackle all branding projects for Chloe Creative. Since then, she has transitioned into a Creative Director role where she manages all Chloe Creative client projects, internal Chloe Creative design projects and assists our Junior Designer in brand projects.

AK has a passion for working with purpose-driven businesses, helping to elevate them in their market and bring their mission and vision to life. Although she’s a total nerd for mood boards and custom typography…she also loves building a solid strategy that goes beyond just the visuals of your brand. With a background in content marketing, AK likes to dig deep into your ideal audience and create a brand approach that is not only beautiful, but will set you up for long-term success! When she’s not designing, you’re most likely to find her at a great estate sale, or, snuggled up to her two dogs listening to a 70’s playlist

Diana Carter | Content and SEO Lead

seo lead of private practice marketing agency

Diana Carter is the Content & SEO Lead for Chloe Creative. She joined our team in January of 2022 – she’s the creative brain behind all copywriting projects for our clients but for Chloe Creative as well. If you’ve ever booked us for copy or SEO, you know how awesome she is!

Diana is the owner and founder of Carter House Copy, a Charlotte, North Carolina based marketing agency. Since her brand’s launch, she’s worked with businesses on the Fortune 500 list as well as creative small business owners to do one thing: sell. When she’s not working, you’ll find her hopping around breweries in Charlotte or chasing her sweet kiddos around the neighborhood.

Madison Foor | Website Designer

website designer of private practice marketing agency

Madison Foor is our website designer who was brought in July of 2022. She is currently based in Denver, Colorado and loves all things websites. She is the owner & founder of Indigo Velvet Studio.

Inspired by her love for creating meaningful online spaces for businesses, Madison finds every website to be a fun and unique challenge. A typical day consists of a morning surf session with her friends, several coconut milk iced lattes, web layout designs, and a trip to the dog park with her German Shepard, Juno.

Kate Mitchell | Junior Designer

junior designer of private practice marketing agency

Kate Mitchell is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the founder of Kate Mitchell Creative. She joined our team in July 2023 as a designer & admin assistant who is a professional at Pinterest and internal work. Since then, she’s transitioned fully into a junior designer assisting AK in branding projects – however, she still loves Pinterest!

She is fueled by her love for bringing order and purpose to every project that she touches. With speciality in branding and marketing design, Kate is passionate about serving her clients as a storyteller and speaking to their ideal audience. She thrives off of organization and project management within her work, and Kate’s soul is filled through her many hobbies like photography, getting outdoors, and traveling!

Kate has had an entrepreneurial spirit since the day she was born, and her relationship with Jesus is what drives her! Kate loves her family, and she is continuously inspired by the creative friends in her life.

Cortney Saggau | Online Business Manager

online business manager of private practice marketing agency

Cortney is our latest hire and joined our team because, well, I was feeling like a very overwhelmed business owner. In 2024, we’ve released a mastermind, VIP days and new SEO services. It was time I got some assistance with the backend operations of this business!

She’s a lover of Jesus, devoted wife, and proud mama of two beautiful girls. After years in the creative industry and project management in the corporate setting, she’s now been supporting industry leading entrepreneurs manage their online businesses since 2021. Flowers often lead the way in her creative inspiration and organized systems and processes allow her to support her clients to reach their full business potential.

Our Studio’s Current Service Offerings: Transformative Marketing Solutions for Private Practices

In 2024, we released a few new service offerings in order to better serve our clientele. These offerings were meant to bring more accessibility for our services: i.e. these are VERY affordable for any type of private practice business owner.

Branding Design Services at Our Private Practice Marketing Agency

Branding has always been a thing here at Chloe Creative, so nothing new here! Your branding is much more than just having one identifiable logo within your practice – it’s more about cultivating an experience, an emotion and interactivity using your design elements. Here’s what we complete in our brand projects:

Branding with Art Direction:

  • Moodboard
  • Color palette
  • Logo Suite
    • Primary, secondary, submark
  • Additional brand elements
    • Patterns, icons, illustrations or textures
  • Font Pairings/Typography
  • Branding Guidelines

Current investment as of February 2024: $2,900

Branding with Marketing Strategy:

  • All deliverables in the Brand Design with Art Direction (see above), PLUS:
    • Audience Demographic Breakdown
    • Audience Psychographic Breakdown
    • Ideal Client Persona
    • Brand Values
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Brand Tone

Current investment as of February 2024: $3,300

Here’s some of our recent private practice clinician branding projects:

Website Design Services at Our Private Practice Marketing Agency

I’m a bit biased, but this is my cream of the crop. Website design is SO important for your online business because it has the power to bring in qualified leads via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when done correctly. In 2024, we’ve introduced VIP days to our website offerings.

Normal Website Design:

  • Up to 7 pages of mobile-responsive development (your choice of pages)
  • Your choice of Shopify, Squarespace, Showit or WordPress platform (we’d give you our professional recommendation, too!)
  • Intake questionnaire
  • Domain connection (if necessary)
  • Blogging integration
  • 1 email opt-in automation
  • Launch graphics
  • Website copywriting template
  • Access to private support form
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Data monitoring

Current investment as of February 2024: $5,500

VIP Website Full:

  • Fully custom website design done in ONE business day
  • Pages:
    • Home
    • About
    • Contact
    • Services
    • Blog
  • SEO optimization
  • 1 website tutorial
  • VIP Copywriting Guide

Current investment as of February 2024: $2,850

VIP Website Refresh:

For the individual who has an operable and up-to-date website and needs:

  • A new page
  • Changes to existing pages
  • Shop functionality
  • Updates to plugins, themes
  • Removing sections
  • Changing freebies

Current investment as of February 2024: $1,000

SEO Services at Our Private Practice Marketing Agency

We’ve always completed SEO on our normal website packages or if you’ve worked with Diana during your copywriting project. In 2024, we wanted to introduce more affordable services where you – the client – implement the suggestions that we provide based on strategic keyword research.

SEO Starter

For the individual searching for ways to enhance their SEO strategies. Maybe you’ve never dabbled in SEO, or maybe you just need guidance. During this 12 week process, this includes:

  • Initial Auditing Call with Chloe & Diana
  • Tracking of 10-20 keywords (under Chloe Creative team recommendation)
  • Optimization and strategies for up to 6 desired keywords (up to 8 action items)
  • Workbook of summarization of findings: technical SEO fixes, keyword, action items, how-tos

Current investment as of February 2024: $2,200 for 12 weeks

SEO Blog Boost

For the individual searching for – even more – SEO boosting. This includes all of the above in our SEO Starter, PLUS:

  • 6 detailed blogpost outlines done-for-you:
    • Blog title
    • Blog headings (with header tags)
    • Keyword for blogpost
    • Main ideas for each paragraph of blog

Current investment as of February 2024: $3,000 for 12 weeks

SEO Management

For the individual who wants a complete hands-off approach to their SEO. The Chloe Creative team, a private practice marketing agency, will handle and implement all SEO strategies and report back to you performance and data measurement.

Current investment as of February 2024: $4,000 for 12 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

I’ll be using this section to outline our most frequently asked questions about our services – normally these come up in our discovery call, so we highly recommend submitting your application to receive your discovery call link.

Can I bundle these services – for example, if I want a branding with a VIP website full (website in a day)?

Yes! When submitting your inquiry form, please “check” which of these services you are interested in, and we’ll bundle the price so you can save money! These are all of our available bundles:

  • Branding (art or marketing) with Normal Website Design
  • Branding (art or marketing) with VIP Website Full
  • Branding (art or marketing) with Normal Website Design and Copywriting

What payment plans do you offer?

  • Each service has a set amount of payment plans – so, they differ! However, we are normally very accessible and will accommodate up to 10 months with no interest charged.

What’s the difference between your VIP Website Full (website in a day) versus a normal website?

  • With our VIP Website Full (website in a day), you are receiving 5 pages: Home, About, Contact, Services, Blog with one website tutorial. With our full website, you can choose up to 7 pages with whatever pages that work best for you. You also get 3 tutorials with a normal website.

What if I’m unsure what I should book?

Services We’d Recommend to New Private Practice Business Owners

There are so many ways to work with us, and we truthfully make suggestions based on each individual’s inquiry form. So, take these suggestions with a grain of salt. This is based on a private practice clinician who is just starting out in their private practice.

Bundle: Branding with VIP Website Full

This is our first recommendation as a private practice marketing agency because it’s budget-friendly, and only about a week to a week and a half timeline. For any type of new business owner, we always suggest a branding at minimum. If you are struggling with budget, we always suggest putting funds toward a brand over a website design.

Our VIP Website Full will get you a fully functional, SEO-optimized website in just one business day.

Apply here!

Bundle: Branding with Normal Website Design

This would be our second recommendation only if you know you need more than the allotted 5 pages for the VIP website. This timeline is about 3-4 weeks because you’ll receive more revision rounds and time to think about your website design.

Apply here!

Testimonials and Success Stories: The Impact of Chloe Creative as a Private Practice Marketing Agency

As a private practice marketing agency, we work really hard on nailing down a process that is efficient for our team and seamless for our clients. These individuals have shared testimonials about our project process so that you can get an inside look at what it looks like to work with us – this isn’t a sales pitch, it’s just straight quotes!

private practice marketing agency testimonial from dietitian shannon
private practice marketing agency testimonial from the balanced nutritionist
private practice marketing agency testimonial from the baby dietitian
private practice marketing agency testimonial from health and healing collective

Looking Ahead: Exciting Developments and Future-Forward Projects at Chloe Creative

We have so many fun projects in the works: a holistic physical therapist, an anxiety-focused therapist in CA, a health coach, a faith-based intuitive eating dietitian and so much more!

How to Stay Connected to Our Private Practice Marketing Agency

To stay connected with us, follow us on Instagram where we share fun reels, tips and other lifestyle bits here and there!

The Friday Edit

Every week we send out one weekly newsletter, The Friday Edit, to our email list. In this email, you can expect internal updates, a weekly roundup, latest blogposts and any new and exciting announcements. Our email list is the first to know of any new information!

Explore our Private Practice Marketing Agency Portfolio

You can always stay updated on our projects via our Portfolio page on our website. On this page, you’ll be able to filter by project type, click into the project to read details and if there’s a blogpost about it, you can do a bigger deep dive.

Our goal with the portfolio is to provide as much transparency and expectation on what it’s like working with us – the limit is endless with what we can create for you!

Apply to be a client

To apply to be a client, visit our Contact page and submit your inquiry form. From there, our team will reach out via email with a discovery call link so we can hop on a quick 30 minute call to learn more about your needs. Because all projects are completely customized, this helps us to create a project that is within your budget and exactly what you need!