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When I talk about why I love working with dietitians, Alyssa is one of those clients that I constantly bring myself back to referencing. Apart from her professionalism and expertise in regards to helping women manage their PCOS symptoms, she’s a kind human and mama to a daughter who may or may not share a name with me 🤪. After being referred to us by our clients Jamie and Katrina, Alyssa booked Chloe Creative for a branding and Showit website design. As we finished her dietitian website, we looked back at how dainty and beautiful the brand was – I’m excited for you to dive in. Read about her project here!

Alyssa’s Mission and Vision: Crafting a Stellar Branding for Her Private Practice

When Alyssa completed her intake form, one thing stuck out to us that many dietitians want for their private practice. We asked her where she wanted to be in one to three years, and her answer was taking on less 1:1 clients. While being a mom, she wanted more freedom of time and ability to grow via passive income streams – no brainer, right?!

Many of our clients have this vision for their business and I’m here to say – you are taking the right steps to get there. Branding design can be so pivotal in establishing your unique selling point and standing out amongst a crowd.

How Chloe Creative Had a Role in Branding This Dietitian Website

At Chloe Creative, we work with a plethora of clinicians in the following ways:

  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Copywriting & Messaging

When I first started this business, branding is all we offered. It’s truthfully the foundation of any business and can help get clearer on your mission and vision. That said, we worked with Alyssa firstly on grabbing the details from her intake questionnaire. From there, we take that information and infuse branding strategies and design techniques to craft your ideal branding suite. We asked Alyssa how she felt about her business after working with Chloe Creative and here’s what she said:

“I am so grateful for the amazing work that Chloe and her team have done for my and my business. I feel ready to take my business to the next level with my new branding and website design!”

Chloe Creative’s Approach: A Recipe for Success in Dietitian Branding

As we always walk through, let’s dive into some parts of her intake questionnaire to give you a background knowledge of what ideal client and preferences we worked with for this project.

Ideal Client Section

Can you describe your ideal client in detail?

My ideal audience is women with the hormonal condition, PCOS. They’re generally anywhere from 25-40 years old from the US and fall within the middle class.

What does your ideal audience struggle with?

They struggle with any and/or all symptoms of PCOS – weight gain/difficulty losing weight, acne, unwanted facial/body hair, hair loss, irregular periods, infertility, low energy/fatigue. They’re also struggling with a medical system that continuously misunderstands PCOS and offers very restrictive and/or unhelpful advice to manage their symptoms.

Why will your ideal client be attracted to your business?

Because I’m relatable and they see me as someone that they’d hang out with in real life (I hope lol). They believe that I can help them learn to understand their PCOS, and eat food that they enjoy, without sacrificing foods/food groups they love, and still improve their health and reduce their symptoms.

Adjectives Section

What are some adjectives that describe your style?

  • Casual, calm, young, mature and playful.

Pinterest Board Creation

dietitian website pinterest inspiration

The Branding Experience: A Visual Representation for Alyssa’s Dietitian Website

Our branding experience is super collaborative with our team – as a client, you can expect to provide your feedback, listen to our professional suggestions and make informed decisions in regards to your branding. When we are hired (by you) to be your brand designer, we always want to provide you with professional advice that’s going to make your brand as best as it can be. However, you are the owner of your business and you know your clients best – we will finalize the design according to your suggestions and preferences.

That said, let’s go through the process of working with Alyssa to craft the branding that we’ll soon use in her dietitian website:

First Concepts to Alyssa

One week after your project kickoff, you can expect to hear from us via email and ClickUp with your first round proofs ready to review. In our current process, we’ll house a form for you to review within ClickUp. You’ll be assigned a task to complete this form and emailed to notify you. To give you an idea of where we started with Alyssa’s brand, here’s a peek into her primary logo:

initial concepts for branding on dietitian website

After some collaboration, Alyssa told us this primary logo felt too overcomplicated for what she preferred. She loved the florals – but not in a way that it makes the primary hard to read. After some font changes, here’s where we landed on.

Final Concepts for PCOS Nutritionist Alyssa

When packaging up this branding, we felt confident that this branding now targeted her ideal client perfectly. In a way, it represents their journey with PCOS symptoms and working with Alyssa to manage them in a healthy way.

Alyssa’s Custom Dietitian Website via Showit

All clients of Chloe Creative have the choice to build their website on Showit, Squarespace or WordPress. Normally on our initial discovery call, we’ll ask a few questions to help determine what platform might be best for you. Some sample questions might be:

  • On a scale of 1-10 how easy is it for you to edit your current website?
  • Do you have a desire to edit your website yourself?
  • How often do you blog?
  • Do you envision yourself selling digital items – products, courses or memberships?

Based on your answers, we will provide you with our professional recommendation. Just because we recommend a platform doesn’t mean you have to work on it – in the end, it’s your decision!

Showit Dietitian Website Design

Also in our intake questionnaire is an entire section about your website design with us. In Alyssa’s feedback, we gathered that she likes websites that:

  • Are clean in regards to elements, navigation and white space
  • Photography that shows who she is / her personality
  • Copywriting that does it’s job

We ended up creating a Home, About, Services, Blog and Contact Page for Alyssa. Now that we have our VIP Days, you can get this same size website completed in just one business day! Schedule a discovery call to discuss the details more.

Client Testimonial: Alyssa’s Feedback with Chloe Creative’s Process for Her Dietitian Website

Post project, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on our process. Think of this as your time to spill the beans on how we did. We greatly appreciate all of our clients and feedback they can give us.

Can you share a few things you were struggling with prior to working with us?

I had absolutely no consistency in my branding – random fonts, random colors that looked nice in the moment, etc. I also was trying to make a Kajabi website work but didn’t have any time to dedicate to it so it was an absolute trainwreck!

Why did you end up choosing Chloe Creative?

Great feedback from other RDs who have used Chloe!

What did you think about the process?

The communication was amazing – Chloe is the fastest responder to absolutely any question I had. The process speed felt just right – I never felt rushed to make a decision and Chloe’s team was always ready to make tiny tweaks to my design as I requested.

Other Testimonials From Raving Clients

Another Brand & Dietitian Website in the Books!

Throughout this blogpost, we chatted about our client, PCOS Nutritionist Alyssa and how we tackled her branding and Showit dietitian website. We are so glad to serve so many clinicians worldwide – if you are curious if we’d be a good fit for your private practice, inquire here!