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The Dietitian Runner, Dietitian Logo Design and WordPress Website

Welcome to our blog post dedicated to the world of dietitian logo design! In this post, we’re excited to take you on a visual journey through our client, The Dietitian Runner.

We understand the pivotal role not just one logo, but a branding, plays in defining the identity of a dietitian’s practice, and we’re thrilled to showcase our expertise in crafting memorable, meaningful, and visually appealing brands that resonate with both practitioners and their clients.

From concept to creation, we’ll walk you through our design process, share inspiring examples, and shed light on the art of combining logo design with website aesthetics to create a cohesive and impactful brand presence. So, whether you’re a dietitian seeking design inspiration or a design enthusiast interested in the intersection of creativity and nutrition, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into the world of dietitian logo design and explore the art of visual storytelling!

From Concept to Creation: Crafting a Dietitian Logo Design that Stands Out

We recommend checking out the many other client work case studies we have. The goal of sharing these projects are to a) shed light on the client and their new brand and/or website and b) to give you an inside-eye on how working with the Chloe Creative team may look like. This post in particular is for our client Emily, also known as The Dietitian Runner.

Emily initially reached out to our team via our Contact form. She had expressed frustration with someone she previously worked with and felt that her end-goal design did not reflect her true self.

Honestly, this is a very common reason why dietitians tend to reach out to us. After just having invested thousands of dollars on a professional, you should feel 100% confident in showing up in your sales funnels. It’s also very common for dietitians to hide behind their screens because they are embarrassed of their branding or website. Our client Brittany from Fueled and Well told us before working together, she never sent potential clients to her website because of the embarrassment. Now, she’s confident to send the link their way because she knows both her branding and website are working powerfully together to target her audience so she doesn’t have to.

As much as your dietitian logo design is about looking beautiful, it has to be backed by strategy. Something being aesthetically pleasing is not going to serve your business as much as something that looks pretty, but also meets the psychological needs of your ideal client. There are numerous ways an experienced brand designer should go about this, but for us here at Chloe Creative, we require clients to complete an extensive intake questionnaire. Here’s what Emily’s intake questionnaire told us about her and her ideal client:

  • She loves helping individuals with nutrition, running and strength training
  • A big goal is to convert clients into more longer-term contracts
  • She has an established “brand name” because many people actually recognize her in public as “The Dietitian Runner” without sometimes even knowing her real name
  • Her ideal client is female between 25-40 years of age. She’s busy personally and professionally but loves to travel. She is tired of living her life alongside diet culture and wants to learn more about exercise, especially running.
  • Emily herself loves to run!

Once we read through her intake form in depth, that’s when our Lead Designer AK begins concepting designs. A common misconception with professional brand designers is that you, as the client, will receive multiple options for your brand project. While some designers do this, we follow the one-concept method.

The One Concept Method for The Best Dietitian Logo Design

The one concept method means that we present our one BEST concept to you instead of providing multiple options. This doesn’t mean that we as a team don’t go through several options – we actually try multiple variations, concepts, colors and logos before presenting the one concept.

Reason for this being, we want to eliminate the “paralysis by analysis” that many clients get when being presented with too many options for their business. When it comes to design, it’s better to have a very strong option that we can tweak or change depending on your feedback.

For The Dietitian Runner, we actually nailed the main concept on the first round of design.

With the way that we present concepts to clients, we give them the opportunity to interactively provide feedback via comments. That way, we ensure the comments are received by us clearly and we can effectively create the next round of revisions. For Emily, the main changes we had were through the color.

Through our one-concept method, we were able to present a very strong brand to Emily, explain why we designed things the way we did, go through the connection to her ideal client and make effective changes that reached to her ideal branding. After we asked Emily her initial thoughts on our brand process, here’s what she said:

I first want to say that I am SUPER impressed with all of the thought that went into this. I really appreciated the explanation of your thought process and I am so excited and happy to be working with such a talented team.

Using Your Dietitian Logo Design With Your Website

Imagine this: you just finalized your dietitian logo design, understand how one logo can’t serve your business, thus, you leave with a powerful dietitian branding. Now what?

If you’re like Emily, you’ve booked us for one of our bundles! Emily invested in our branding, website design and copywriting bundle that saved her $1,700 versus booking them all individually! Submit your application if you’re unsure which one would be for you – your application gets you in the door for a discovery call!

After wrapping up her branding portion, we then moved into copywriting with Diana. Diana is our copywriter and SEO specialist on our team. This is a big reason why I love doing what I do: I’ve built our team so that we all have a “zone-of-genius” we specialize in. That way, you are truthfully getting the best of the best when you work with us. That said, Diana hopped on a call with Emily to understand her ideal client more than we’ve uncovered in our intake form.

Diana being an SEO specialist, also means that she’ll chat with you about the specific keywords your website should be ranking for depending on the type of content she’ll write you. This is why SEO-driven copywriting is SO IMPORTANT. Because without it, it’s going to be very hard for your website to rank on Google for exactly what you want. This is why we offer SEO management.

Let’s say your copywriting is now complete. So, you have a full branding and copywriting at your disposal. Now it’s time to create your dietitian website design!

We always start the website process with a homepage concept. The homepage is the “forefront” of your website because it’s truthfully the first impression into the rest of the contents to come. So, we like to “wireframe” this up before all other pages. This then allows you to provide feedback just as we do in the brand phase, by interactively commenting back to us for effective revisions.

When designing WordPress websites, it’s really important to infuse your branding and personality on the website because WordPress can sometimes feel super “stuffy”. However, we have so many WordPress websites that are our favorite – Emily’s being one of those! This is why we really advocate for why you need a branding in order for your website to look good. It’s extremely hard to curate a website that is strategy-driven without the foundations (brand) of your business incomplete. That’s just putting all the pressure on your website, which isn’t a smart idea.

Post-project, we decided to add an online shop for Emily to sell her Masterclasses and Course on. This was built fully on WordPress via Woocommerce. This is our best recommendation for having digital products to sell within your website!

The Results: Dietitian Logo Design and Website Design

As you launch your dietitian logo design and website design, we want to support you along the entire way. We offer monthly design support (for graphics or any ebook design), SEO management and monthly website support.

After Emily’s project wrapped, here’s how she felt:

I am feeling so great about my website. I am so grateful to have everything in 1 place now- to have my coaching applications, descriptions of all my services, testimonials, shop page with my course, events page and blog! I feel like my website is SUPER scalable and I am excited to keep adding to it in the future! I kick myself for not investing in this earlier but I guess we all live and learn (even if it’s the hard way)! Thanks to Chloe and her team for all of their hard work. I appreciate you!!!

We want YOU to feel that way, too! Apply to work with us. There’s no better time to invest in your confidence, because that’s so important to business!

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