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Our Favorite Dietitian Websites On WordPress

In the wellness space, the internet can be a very confusing space when trying to access valuable and professional information. The best dietitian websites stand out because of the expertise of qualified dietitians, user-friendly interfaces, unique design styles and experiences that convey the personality of the clinicians behind the screen. Here’s a few of our favorite websites (designed by us) and ways that you can make your website the best one out there!

Why Choose WordPress for dietitian websites?

Before we explain why we recommend WordPress most of the time for dietitian websites, you’ll need to understand that we’re an agency that can work in any website platform. However, the decision of what platform is best for you is normally determined on a discovery call. On our calls, we’ll discuss your current standings in practice, your short term and long term goals and your ability to navigate websites on a scale of 1 to 10. These are really important factors to determine what platform is best for you.

We find that 90% of the time, dietitians feel at home with WordPress websites. This is a combination of a few factors that are common between this niche:

  • Blogging capabilities
  • Opportunity for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) growth
  • Features to build onto your website, such as memberships

Why NOT WordPress for a Registered Dietitian website?

Just as there are many reasons why WordPress is great for dietitians, there are also reasons why it might not be the best fit for your practice. There are many other platforms out there, but really the only additional platforms we’d consider is Squarespace, Showit or Shopify. These are the platforms we feel can give you the best optimization and have other benefits such as ease of use.

Let’s talk about the benefit of these platforms and when WordPress might not be the best option in these cases:

Squarespace vs. WordPress for dietitian websites

Squarespace is a great platform for dietitians because of how long its been in business. Think about it: you’ve likely known that WordPress has been around for years, but right beside it has been Squarespace. The interfaces are quite different, especially when Squarespace launched its grid editor last year.

We would recommend this platform based off of a few different criteria:

  • If you aren’t comfortable with the WordPress interface or are intimidated by it
  • Prefer simpler options for editing the style on your website
  • Are already familiar and prefer this platform
  • You have no overarching goals to extend your website beyond its initial capacity (like a membership or self-hosted course)
  • You are just starting off and aren’t sure the longevity of your website

Recent dietitian websites on Squarespace

While we enjoy working in Squarespace, there are reasons why we prefer WordPress over it. For one, optimizing speed on a Squarespace website can be very challenging. Squarespace is known to add a lot of JS or CSS in the backend (because of the way the builder is made) and in turn, your website speed will cost you. Sometimes it’s able to be fixed (through a lot of trial and error), there has been instances where the Squarespace development team says it’s something that’s inevitable with their builder.

Another reason we’d sway from Squarespace is their new grid builder. While some designers and developers appreciate this new Fluid Engine, we found it to be more difficult to edit with the grid snaps. Editing in Squarespace isn’t as easy as moving an element to the center of your canvas – which creates frustrations for a lot of clients wanting to learn how to edit their websites.

Overall, it’s a great platform and for the reasons above we’d recommend it to our clients. We’ve designed some beautiful Squarespace websites for dietitians such as Aligned Nutrition Counseling and Milestones & Motherhood.

aligned nutrition counseling, squarespace dietitian websites

Showit vs. WordPress for dietitian websites

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that Showit has always been a platform that we’ve loved. There are numerous reasons why I love this platform for dietitians:

  • The editor makes it very easy for dietitians to learn how to design on their website
  • Your dietitian website can rank very well via SEO
  • It integrates with WordPress for blogging capabilities
  • You can add a shop through Shopify (the best e-commerce website platform)
  • Easily customizable for growth for memberships or courses through WordPress

Recent dietitian websites on Showit

We have designed many websites in Showit but some of our recent favorites are The PCOS Nutritionist Alyssa, Whole Family Health and DLM Psychology. We ultimately decided to build on Showit for these websites because they all were very new to the website space. They either had a website that they didn’t really pay attention to or had no website at all. In this scenario, we’d lean towards Showit because it’s a platform that can get your website “out the door” onto Google.

Many of our clients want to be trained on how to edit their website, so we always provide training videos on how to do so. But with Showit, many of our clients have reached back out saying how easy it is editing their website and they are now comfortable doing it themselves! That’s awesome!

whole family health, showit dietitian websites

However, the one area I think it lacks is scalability. While you are able to scale your Showit website through WordPress via plugins, it does get a little complicated integrating the two. There is a risk that a plugin might not work well with the Showit theme or you’d have to find workarounds for functionality that can be easily achieved in WordPress. For that reason, I’d always recommend starting on WordPress if a course or membership is on your radar in one to three years.

Moving your website from Showit to WordPress is very easy though! Because Showit uses the WordPress admin area for blogposts and plugins, that area stays exactly the same without any sort of migration.

Shopify vs. WordPress for a dietitian website

There’s not many instances I’d recommend Shopify for a dietitian website specifically. This is because Shopify is the leading website platform specifically for ecommerce websites. So, we see this platform being used primarily for boutiques, or online product-based businesses!

The only Shopify website we have that is catered to the clinician space was a supplement brand. Our client, Dr. Alex, sells many supplements and he needed a separate ecommerce website to handle the order intake. We recently designed for an all natural skincare brand that is on Shopify. For this reason, that’s the main decision why we wouldn’t recommend this platform for dietitians.

If you are a dietitian and have a few products, there are plugins via WordPress that can do this or via Shopify on your Showit website. We’d recommend doing this method for under 10 products.

Here’s Our Favorite Dietitian Websites on WordPress

dietitian websites on wordpress

The Dietitian Runner WordPress website

The Dietitian Runner was designed on WordPress and launched in 2023. This project was booked as one of our bundles, so she received a full branding, website design and copywriting by working with us. Emily is niched down into nutrition, endurance and strength coaching for runners. Her website features a Shop where you can purchase her course and an events page where you can purchase her masterclasses.

dietitian websites on wordpress tasteful nutrition

Tasteful Nutrition WordPress website

This WordPress website is bold and colorful which makes it a favorite! But my favorite thing on her website is the recipe search. Every dietitian who frequently blogs recipes needs a recipe search or recipe index on their website. Limor booked one of our bundles to save $900 for a branding and website.

the balanced nutritionist

The Balanced Nutritionist WordPress website

Jamie’s website (and project) is a clear example of outgrowing a Showit website. Once Jamie was hitting a certain amount of users per month on her blog, we both thought it was a good idea to move her over to WordPress. Since then, I feel like her website has blossomed. She’s now able to have ads on her website very easily and her recipe index design is one of my favorites. Nearly every dietitian client we have loves her site!

the womens health rn dietitian websites

The Women’s Health RN WordPress website

Our website designer Madison did an amazing job on the development of this wordpress website. If you search her website, you’ll find there are lots of moving icons which makes it so fun! Just like The Dietitian Runner, she booked us for a bundle and received a branding, website design and copywriting altogether. I also love this website because of how easy it was integrated with PracticeBetter and Hubspot.

redemeptive health wordpress dietitian websites

Redemptive Health WordPress website

Clara rebranded from Food Fitness and Faith to Redemptive Health. She booked us for a bundle to save $900 and received a branding and website design. This wordpress website is one of my personal favorites because I love the branding, but also Clara has a knack for words! We also designed a custom membership for her which makes this website completely unique to anything you’ve seen.

behind the binge wordpress website for dietitians

Behind the Binge WordPress website

Owner & founder Marissa, rebranded officially from her old practice Makai Nutrition to Behind the Binge. I love this WordPress website because of the branding we created for her and the incorporating of her fun brand photos to make it feel so inclusive! Marissa also introduced her membership, Behind the Binge built onto her website via AccessAlly.

dietitian wordpress website for dr alex rinehart

Dr. Alex Rinehart WordPress website

This WordPress website is a great example if you are a dietitian that pushes out a lot of blogposts. Dr. Alex and his team push out informative healthcare blogposts frequently that boosts his SEO. While his website is quite simple, we understand that some dietitians resonate with a more clinical branding. We also created a Shopify website for his supplements.

The Best Dietitian Websites Have Branding At The Foundation!

While all of these websites are absolutely gorgeous, their branding was a big factor in why they are so captivating. A website can only be as beautiful as its foundation and that’s where branding comes in!

Many of our clients book a bundle with us because we believe in order to have a functioning practice, you need both branding and website design in order to scale. Branding also is an important way you can convey your clinical expertise to your ideal audience.

Ready to invest in your dietitian website?

We highly recommend filling out our application. This application is step one in our process in order to get to know your practice better. From there, we normally hop on a quick discovery call to hone into your needs and decide what package might fit for you best!

Chloe Creative specializes in dietitian websites and branding for dietitians. We love serving you and hope to work together soon!