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Our Favorite Private Practice Therapist Websites

Similarly to dietitians, finding the right therapist for your needs is super important. Because we work with clinicians, we have experience in designing branding and websites for therapists of all kinds. The best private practice therapist clients are those who share their truest self, express what their design preferences and know their ideal client really well. In our favorite dietitian website post, you saw all numerous websites, but our favorites were on WordPress. In this post, we’re tackling Showit AND WordPress websites!

What’s the best website platform for a therapist in private practice?

Finding a therapist that fits your specific needs is really important. When designing websites for therapists, you need something that’s approachable but professional, educational but not too clinical and personal yet not messy.

When it comes to portraying your value as a clinician, and being approachable to your ideal client, there’s numerous website platforms that can be suitable for a private practice therapist. In our experience, we’ve designed on both WordPress and Showit for therapists for a few reasons:

Why a private practice therapist should be on Showit

Showit is a website builder platform that offers a unique and user-friendly approach to website design, particularly well-suited for creative professionals, including private practice therapists. We also mentioned why dietitians may want to use Showit as well. There are several reasons why a private practice therapist might consider using Showit for their website:

  1. Ease of use: As we have always said, Showit is one of the easiest website platforms to learn. It is a drag/drop editor that truthfully allows you to create layouts so easily! This is great for therapists who may not be comfortable making big editing changes to their website.
  2. SEO-friendly: With our own website having been on Showit for years, the SEO capabilities are great because it partners with WordPress for blogging. If you’re a therapist wanting to rank on Google, considering Showit is a good option!
  3. Hosting & security is handled for you: If you are someone who is confused by the terms “registrar” “website host” or “SEO”, Showit hosts your website on their servers. This means, that all website updates will be done by them. Note: this does not include updates on the WordPress side like plugins!

Ultimately, whether a therapist should choose Showit depends on their specific needs and preferences. It’s important to consider factors such as design flexibility, ease of use, customization options, and your overall branding and marketing strategy when selecting a platform for your private practice website. Showit can be a valuable choice for therapists who want a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively represents their practice.

Private Practice Therapist Showit Website Examples

At Chloe Creative, we’ve designed multiple private practice therapist websites. After niching down into the clinician space, we realized that we loved working with therapists for the same reason we love working with dietitians: there are so many areas of expertise that a therapist can have, leaving so much growth and learned lessons by working together.

Both of these therapist websites were designed custom in Showit. Both of these projects also booked us for our highest bundle option of branding, website design and copywriting. At minimum, we’d recommend always booking a branding AND website project with us. However, if copywriting and SEO is something you struggle with, investing in copywriting will 100% pay off in the long term.

DLM Psychology, Therapist for Adults

private practice therapist dlm psychology

Dana, owner of DLM Psychology, is a private practice therapist based in New York. After working together on her branding, we discovered that her style was very bright & bold, leaving us so much room for creativity on her website design. Our lovely copywriter Diana did such an amazing job at writing SEO-driven copywriting to target her ideal client that’s 18-25 years of age.

In combination with her creative design, we were able to create a private practice therapist website that’s young but professional at the same time.

Stokewell Counseling, North Carolina Therapist

private practice therapist stokewell counseling

Working with Nejla was a joy not only because she lives in my hometown, but also because her style was gorgeous for a therapist website design. Nejla also booked us for a branding, website and copywriting project. After going through the process, she was able to:

  • Get clearer on her brand direction
  • Understand how to address her ideal client
  • Have copywriting that is bringing leads from Google
  • Confidently market her practice

It’s easy to fall in love with a website that looks great – which is why people love Showit sooooo much. But, we will always say, websites usually look that great because the branding is also serving the ideal client. Without a brand, you are leaving your website to do all the footwork, which isn’t an easy think to do!

Now, let’s switch gears: what if Showit is something you don’t want to do? What other options are there? Well, WordPress!

Why a private practice therapist should be on WordPress

WordPress is THE most popular website platform out there. Why? Because SEO is POWERFUL on a WordPress website with the combination of multiple plugins that make it easier to rank.

Yes, you will find out that WordPress is a harder platform to learn and the editing capabilities can sometimes be limiting. However, in our opinion, this is something that can be easily overlooked if the website itself is performing so great. Let’s dive into why a WordPress website might be a good option for a private practice therapist:

  1. Ability to grow via SEO: WordPress is THE website platform if you want your website to skyrocket in growth. As a note, you DO have to put in the work for your website to rank well: blogging strategy, investing in the right website designer, marketing blogposts on social media, etc. But, the ability to grow on WordPress is really limitless given the amount of plugins you can use to customize your website and how easy it is to blog. Jamie at The Balanced Nutritionist has experienced major growth since moving over to WordPress.
  2. Potential for courses, memberships and more: Another big reason why we love WordPress is the ability to grow your business into a membership one day. With plugins, you won’t need third-party platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, Podia to launch your membership and/or course. You can host it within your website AND create a completely unique experience your members literally won’t get elsewhere.
  3. Integrates well with EHR systems: Many clinicians use systems like PracticeBetter, SimplePractice or Healthie to manage client records in a way that’s HIPAA compliant. These systems integrate very well on WordPress websites so that you can embed your discovery call calendar right onto your Contact page!

In the end, a therapist should move their website on WordPress based on what your 3 to 5 year goals are, if you’re looking for advanced blogging abilities and if you are ready to learn your website’s platform! Take a peek at some of our favorite dietitian websites on WordPress if you can!

Therapist WordPress Website Examples

Growing Kind Minds

Growing Kind Minds was the first therapist website we’ve designed via WordPress. Located in New York, Dr. Victoria Grinman focused in counseling for children and young teens. However, she also loved working with parents of young teens so they can effectively communicate with their audiences.

dr victoria grinman private practice therapist website

This WordPress website featured MANY different website subpages to attack SEO from a strategic standpoint. When trying to rank well for specific keywords, subpages allow you to really hone into a keywords’ content. I’d highly recommend this for creating an effective therapist website.

The Best Therapist Website’s Have a Great Branding Foundation!

Branding plays a big role in the foundation of an effective therapist website. This is why at minimum we’d always recommend our branding and website design bundle. This not only saves you money, but is what we’d consider the bread and butter of working with us!

Many of our clients book a bundle with us because we believe in order to have a functioning practice, you need both branding and website design in order to scale. Branding also is an important way you can convey your clinical expertise to your ideal audience.

Ready to invest in your private practice therapist website?

Head on over to our Contact page to fill out our application. By doing so, you’ll be inputted in our systems as we reach out to you to schedule a discovery call. We love discovery calls because they help us get to know you as a business owner and how working together will help you get the results you need!