Living My Beks Life, Best Dietitian Websites for Weight Loss

Woohoo – today we are back with a project round-up of our client, Rebekah! Rebekah is the founder of Living My Beks Life, an online weight loss dietitian for moms. We consider this one of the best dietitian websites for weight loss because Rebekah makes fitness fun – she herself is a mom of 1 and pregnant with another on the way. Throughout her social media and website, you’ll immediately receive this sense of welcome into her community.

In this blogpost, we are going to explore the Living My Beks Life branding and how it was developed with the perspective of Rebekah’s ideal client in mind. As a branding and website design agency for private practice clinicans, we took Rebekah’s needs and created a project type that would best serve her. That said, we completed a rebranding, WordPress website design and copywriting together.

Meet Rebekah: The Visionary Behind Living My Beks Life

Rebekah started Living My Beks Life because she disliked the hospital setting and wanted to help other moms on their weight loss journey. Being a mom herself, her ideal client will be drawn to her business and style of coaching because she’s currently living the struggle with them. She recognizes she’s not perfect – no one is – but establishes a relatability because she’s been right where her ideal client is.

Best Dietitian Websites by Chloe Creative: Why Rebekah Chose Us

Before working with Chloe Creative, Rebekah had become aware of our brand through social media. From there, we had many other projects in her area of business that sparked her to reach out to us. From a business perspective, she was struggling to move forward with anything and realized she needed a push to outsource it.

After chatting on a discovery call, we decided that our bundle of branding, website design and copywriting was the best selection for Rebekah. This would allow her to get the most deliverables while being the most hands-off so she could spend time with her daughter.

The Rebranding Journey: Crafting a Visual Identity for Living My Beks Life

As we dove into Rebekah’s intake questionnaire, we learned more about her ideal audience which helped us craft a branding that targeted them psychologically. Let’s learn more about her ideal audience:

They are currently struggling with:

  • Meal planning
  • All or nothing mindset
  • Self sabotage

Now, let’s dive into how we took that and captured her ideal client visually!

Logos and Color Inspiration for the Best Dietitian Websites

Part of our intake questionnaire is to complete an adjective section along with a Pinterest board section. The main adjectives for this brand was energetic and playful. Here’s a snippet of her Pinterest board.

best dietitian websites moodboard

Upon reviewal and research based on her ideal client, we found a common ground of what Rebekah likes visually and what her ideal client is attracted to. We ended up infusing some of Rebekah’s personality in her tagline variations.

The New Brand Identity for Living My Beks Life

The new branding for Living My Beks Life is definitely energetic – we infused more of this by the elements we designed. You’ll see that Rebekah’s brand includes stars, rainbows, and lots of color. This brand was so fun to create!

After her branding was completed, Rebekah now had the confidence to show up on her social media and be comfortable posting graphics that felt aligned to her. This in turn, showcased confidence to her ideal client, which created that “FOMO” feeling of wanting to work with Rebekah. A win win!

Best Dietitian Websites: Building a Digital Home for Living My Beks Life

There are many reasons why WordPress is our platform of choice for dietitians – just check out The Balanced Nutritionist or PCOS Nutritionist Alyssa for some success stories. For this website, we decided WordPress was the best method for Rebekah because she really wanted to grow organically via Google Search.

In order to grow organically on Google, you have to have a combination of items:

  • A great website
  • A functioning user experience
  • Consistent blogging schedule
  • Copywriting with SEO keywords

Because she booked us also for copywriting, we knew she would have all of this criteria in place. All that was left was a good platform to support it.

This doesn’t go to say that other platforms like Squarespace or Showit can’t rank well on Google – because they can – it’s only easier to start and finish on one platform. If you already know organic search is a top priority, we will always suggest WordPress if the client is comfortable with learning this platform.

Features of the Best Dietitian Websites for Weight Loss, Living My Beks Life

The Living My Beks Life website features a media page, so that as she grows organically, businesses can find it easy to contact her. On that page, she has her social media following information and ways to get in touch. So easy!

Throughout the website itself, you’ll find movement with brand infusion: these two in combination gives that “energetic” feeling she wanted from her branding intake questionnaire.

Copywriting Mastery: Telling Rebekah’s Story with Compelling Content

Now, you’ll notice throughout this blogpost I’ve mentioned copywriting. This is normally the stage in website design that clients struggle the most. Nailing down your copy so that it’s compelling to your client but still “sounds” like something you’d say is hard.

That’s why on our team we have an SEO and Copywriting Specialist (hi Diana!) that you can work with individually to craft your website copywriting. Through this process, you’ll receive:

  • Another intake questionnaire to capture your ideal client in more depth
  • A kickoff call
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • SEO optimized copy up to 7 pages

When you are done working with Diana, you literally leave with everything complete and ready to implement into your website design. It’s our most hands-off offering, but also is very beneficial for your SEO strategy and definitely a way to become one of the best dietitian websites.

How Chloe Creative Helped Craft Copy for The Best Dietitian Websites

You’ll notice her strategy the most on her group coaching program, The Glow Up Program. This program is mainly geared to women (moms) looking for weight loss support after baby. As you scroll throughout this page, you’ll see us talking directly to her client by saying “Mama”.

Our favorite parts to infuse Rebekah’s personality was on the button text – instead of the boring “learn more” or “book now” you’ll instead find, “I wanna glow up!”, “secure my spot!”, because that felt more authentic to Rebekah.

Copywriting is the area that you can infuse so much personality and strategy in one – you don’t want to mess this up!

Client Testimonial: Rebekah’s Experience with Chloe Creative’s Expertise

As we near the end of this blogpost, we couldn’t leave without sharing Rebekah’s testimonial of working with Chloe Creative. Here’s what she had to say:

“Amazing from start to finish! Chloe and her team made my vision come to life. Honestly it was WAY better then I expected. I felt the process was user friendly, and super fun! I loved how easy Chloe and her team were to work with! Any changes I wanted/needed were improved upon in a timely manner! Highly recommend.”

If you are a clinician in need of a new brand or website design, we’d love to chat more with you about how we can help!