Website Design for Therapists in One Day, Kylie Lambert Counseling

You may remember Kylie’s project from a post we did a while back on branding for therapists. Well, she gets two posts because we recently completed a VIP Website Full day for Kylie’s online practice! Website design for therapists is always a fun project to tackle, but especially when they look this good and done in ONE business day.

This is one of our many new offerings of 2024 where you can receive a fully custom website in one business day – along with this, you’ll receive a website tutorial, our website copywriting document and SEO optimized based on ideal keywords. If you are unsure if this is right for you, consider reaching out to us to hop on a call!

Meet Kylie Lambert: The Compassionate Force & North Carolina Therapist

If you’ve read through our past blogpost on Kylie’s rebrand, you might know a little bit about her. But, we’ll assume you don’t.

Kylie is a North Carolina based therapist who loves to DIY her home. She is one of the funniest, brightest people I follow on Instagram, which is why when she reached out about rebranding I was so excited. She also lives a little under 30 minutes from me, too!

Anyway, you can read more about her rebranding in our other post, but today: we are focusing on this beautiful website we designed in just one business day. After a few months of her rebranding, she had a Squarespace website that she updated with the new brand assets. However, this still wasn’t “hitting the mark” for her.

Challenges and Aspirations On Previous Website Design for Therapists

Some of the challenges that Kylie had on her old Squarespace website were:

  • Not bringing in clients organically
  • Not something she was confident in sharing
  • Didn’t tell a story / showcase her branding well
  • Wasn’t a great depiction of her personality

After some discussion on an Initial Details Call for our VIP Website Full, we determined that staying within Squarespace was totally fine – but her website did need to tell a story more. So, here’s what we did below.

Chloe Creative’s Response: A One-Day Website Design Challenge

First, we onboarded Kylie as an official client of our VIP Day. Now, she gains access into our VIP Website Full copywriting guide. This includes a Home page, About page, Services page, Contact page and Blog page for outline.

Copywriting Guide to Assist in Website Design for Therapists

Within this copywriting guide, there are suggestions on how to format copywriting for her website so that it crafts an experience. Kylie was responsible for inputting the copy where told, but she didn’t have to worry about how it was ordered. Here’s an example of a section within our copywriting guide:

copywriting document for website design for therapists

I think that’s often the problem with a lot of our website design clients who write their own copywriting: trying to envision the website before it’s built.

With the VIP Website Full being a one day process, it makes it nearly impossible to envision how the website will look before we begin building. As you write your copywriting, you’ll get a better sense of the layout based on how we structured each section for copy. Now, let’s take a look at the scheduled day for this website design for therapists.

The Design Sprint: Crafting a Tailored Online Space for Kylie Lambert Counseling

Website design for therapists normally follow similar outlines because a) you cannot place testimonials on a therapists website and b) there’s normally an insurance calculator to see if this is covered in your insurance. As we kicked off Kylie’s VIP Day, we were confident in what we were working with, but here’s how it went:

  • 7:30AM: Checkin email with Kylie. At this point, we emailed Kylie to let her know we’ve began developing into Squarespace and put a temporary landing page up on her existing website.
  • 11AM: First Draft sent to Kylie. This is when we send out our first initial draft of the website design. She received an email with a private link to review and a Google Document where she can drop her comments as needed.
  • 11AM-12PM: Kylie provides feedback. Kylie had around an hour to sit down and make comments in regards to her website design. This was all placed within the Google Document we provided.
  • 3:30PM: Second Draft sent to Kylie. We’ve implemented all changes that Kylie requested to see and have now sent her a second and final draft. She’s able to make comments as needed in this final launch round.
  • 3:30PM – 4:30PM: Launch prep. As Kylie is making her final edits and requests, we are prepping the website for launch. This means completing the SEO on all pages, recording her website tutorial and optimizing for all device sizes.
  • 5PM: Website is Live! By this time, all new changes are made and the website is made live. Kylie received a final email with links to her new website, tutorials and more.

Now, let’s back up and discuss her design in depth!

Customized Features on This Website for Therapists, Kylie Lambert

Our website designer Madison is a wizard on Squarespace and made so many fun customizations on this website to make it feel more like Kylie!

Link hover actions. As you visit her website, you might notice a highlight behind her navigation links. Once you hover, it fills up the entire background. This tiny CSS customization creates interactivity on the website – we love making things unexpected.

Double lined buttons. Instead of looking like a normal button, we decided on double lined buttons to bring in more of that “wallpaper” illustration that her icon gives off in pattern creation. We loved this!

Brand infusion. A lot of her past website was filled with white space. Instead, we decided to bring in more colors from her branding and use her patterns as accent pieces on her testimonial slider. We thought it was a big win!

Scrolling tagline. We did a scrolling marquee text of her tagline “mental wellness starts at home” – scroll gives more motion and interactivity!

Website Design for Therapists in Just One Business Day

Kylie’s website is just one of the many VIP Website Full projects we’ve completed in the past few weeks. It’s insane how fast we can get a fully custom website designed when copywriting and feedback is limited to an 8 hour business day.

If you are someone who doesn’t have a website and needs one yesterday OR you have a website but only need 5 pages of design, consider asking about our VIP offerings.