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Victorem Performance Nutrition, Private Practice Website Project

In the landscape of nutrition and fitness, a compelling online presence is not just a luxury but a necessity. Victorem Performance Nutrition partnered with Chloe Creative to embark on an inspiring journey of transformation on their private practice website. This blog post unveils the details of our collaborative project such as the branding and website design, copywriting, and the tangible results. Join us as we review the process and unveiling the impact of Victorem’s private practice website redesign.

Victorem’s Vision for a Modern Private Practice Website and Branding

Back in June of 2023, Jena reached out to Chloe Creative via our inquiry form expressing her desire to finally make the move away from Wix and onto WordPress (this is such a great move!). Another key piece of her inquiry form mentioned that she was on a frenzy for SEO success – which has been one of the most popular goals of most of our clients in 2023.

Jena was very well-versed in SEO knowledge ranging from local SEO, on-page and off-page. That being said, it was very clear why we recommended our branding with website and copywriting bundle. Let’s dive into her project, what we did and what we’ll be looking for post-launch.

Crafting a Distinct Identity: Branding for Victorem Performance Nutrition

The key to a successful private practice website is having a brand to back up the professionalism that will be displayed with a good website. So, first things first: we rebranded Victorem with assets that will serve not only her practice but her ideal audience as well.

Sports Dietitian Intake Form

As we always start these client posts off, let’s dive into Jena’s intake form to uncover why we designed her brand in this particular way and how it’s going to shape her website design as well.

Questions we asked Jena:

What’s the meaning behind the name, “Victorem”?

  • Victorem is Latin for victory or winner. (rooted in homeschooling-homeschooling was a God calling)
  • Gold represents accomplishment (Olympic athletes), sacred (Purpose),
  • Laurel wreath – symbol of triumph, Ancient Rome and Greek mythology (rooted in homeschooling classical education)
  • Performance Nutrition was chosen because we felt like the word Sports Nutrition would sound too much like football, baseball, etc and not relate to active individuals who do not believe they participate in a sport or those in less dominating sports-swim, dance, endurance, etc; discussed Nutrition & Dietetics but many people do not know the word dietitian or dietetics and ‘diet’ can have a negative connotation; we also felt like Performance Nutrition sounded more educated/upscale/progressive

What are some difficulties you are experiencing in business?

  • Consistently attracting my ideal client
  • Client conversion (email subscribers, freebie opt-in, email sequences)
  • Client conversion (web copy)
  • Being found (SEO-local and online)
  • Social media
  • SEO optimization (website, social-alt tags, correct hashtags, etc)

Can you describe your ideal client avatar?

Client Example – Stay-at-home mom of four kids with college degree she was never able to fully utilize due to getting pregnant. Has been running for 10+ years and loves to run for health, enjoyment, and an outlet away from the kids. Struggles with energy, wants to perform better (better race time), and is confused about nutrition for her body now and for the upcoming hormone changes. She’s not sure if she is even ‘a good enough athlete’ to need a race nutrition plan. This avatar fits the target education and belief system and may fit target income but has a large family. Barriers: cost, lack of self confidence that she is an athlete. Middle priority conversion.

Pinterest Board Inspiration for Victorem’s Private Practice Website

This Pinterest inspiration board was very helpful in connecting the adjective words to a certain design style. We recognized that the wreath-element (or some sort of powerful icon) was very important to Jena along with the prominent golden color.

pinterest board for a new private practice website

Adjectives to describe style:

  • Classic
  • Modern
  • Energetic
  • Serious
  • Casual

Branding Concepts for Victorem Performance Nutrition

The branding concepts for Victorem Performance Nutrition turned out to combine all the things Jena loved about her business – power, classic, but very modern and simple. AK did an amazing job at combining Jena’s personal style, but also what her male and female target audience would appreciate, too.

Elevating Victorem’s Message Through Strategic Copywriting on Their Private Practice Website

Once the branding portion was wrapped and solidified, the next step in our bundle offering is to move straight into copywriting with Diana. Copywriting truthfully can impact so many decisions on your website: buyer’s intent, user experience, feelings, etc. With Jena having large goals for SEO on her website, she recognized that this was needed to really level-up her current website and make it into something that will generate leads.

How we write copywriting for your private practice website

Diana is the wizard behind copywriting for our clients; she has a process that’s going to get you thinking 💭

thinking gif for private practice website blog

She calls this her “brand workshop” where she’ll hop on a 1:1 call with you to discuss your copywriting goals, wishes, desired keywords and more. From there, you’ll be required to fill out a very in-depth form (super similar to our intake questionnaire). Our intake questionnaire touches all the bases about your ideal client but Diana’s form will get you thinking about their wants and desires from a brand messaging perspective.

Once this process is done and Diana has done her magic, you leave with 7 pages of done-for-you copywriting that’s optimized for SEO.

Strategies for a Successful Private Practice Website

Now, let’s get into the juicy stuff: how does all of this work together in a functional website? Well, there’s a bit of magic 🪄 involved (not really, but what we do is basically magic):

User experience must be at the fore front. With my degree in business administration focusing in information technology, we studied user experience design in my website development class. User experience is the most important thing in a website because it’s the organization of your contents in a way that makes browsing your website “an experience”. Sort of like going to disney world is an experience! For Victorem, we wanted her user experience to be simple and straightforward. To do this, we made call to actions easy to see.

Outline your services clearly. Lately Diana has been outlining services for our dietitian clients in a “splash page” format. That said take a peek at Victorem’s services page where you can see all available services on one page. Each of those blocks link to the respective inner services page – that way, in analytics, you can see what individual service is getting the most traction.

services page on private practice website for victorem

Make it easy for individuals to contact you. Most private practice business owners use popular client management systems such as PracticeBetter, Healthie, or SimplePractice. In doing so, there are ways that you can implement these platforms to make it easier for individuals to contact you: like a button that links to a scheduling link or embedding a contact form. We love PracticeBetter for it’s customization!

athlete blood tests page on private practice website for victorem

Results and Metrics of Victorem’s Revamped Private Practice Website

Victorem has only been launched for a few months now but we are already seeing tangible results in her Google Search Console and we are so excited!

google search console results for online private practice website on wordpress

How to get these results in your private practice website:

There are a couple ways you can get these results with your private practice website design:

  1. Apply to be a client of Chloe Creative.
  2. Hop on a discovery call to chat details.
  3. Sign up for a free website audit.
  4. Set your website up for success with our SEO checklist.