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Websites for Dietitians, Our Specialty Service

This post is dedicated to showcasing the results of our websites for dietitians. All of these websites have been designed and developed by our team, Chloe Creative. The results outlined in this post are based on a combination of factors: blogging strategy, social media marketing strategy, user experience, ideal client journey, branding, website design and amount of community. We are SO lucky to have these amazing clients willing to put in the work of their websites and really see amazing results!

Why do you design websites for dietitians?

This is the golden question we receive from potential [or even current] clients. Why dietitians? It’s such a “random” niche – and very particular – so many think that I, or someone on my team are dietitians, and none of us are! This post from several years ago is where it all began. I’ll give you the rundown:

  • 2018: Chloe Creative was established. I was a sophomore at NC State University and found myself wanting to be challenged more creatively– I started accepting “one off” logo clients and as I learned website design in my classes, I accepted WordPress website clients. That first website client happened to be a dietitian. Hello Everyday Nutrition!
  • 2019: I found myself really loving working with dietitians. My sweet client Tracy recommended me out to a few other dietitian clients through a Facebook group. All of them were different specialties and I LOVED getting to know them as humans. I officially declared my niche.
  • 2020: COVID year. I accepted a full-time job as a developer at a leading tech company in Raleigh, NC. I worked for one year alongside my business in order to continually grow. Once I was able to replace my income, I said goodbye to corporate and hello to dietitians!

Now, working with dietitians is our bread and butter. But since honing into this one niche, we learned that clinicians in general provide us the most joy. We’ve loved working with therapists, chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists and more. It’s not just the fact that everyone we get to work with is highly educated in their area-of-expertise, but they also value our expertise as well! In short, we really love individuals who we can learn from and they can learn from us, too!

That said, we do still accept clientele outside of this clinician niche. That’s the beauty of owning your own business– you get to select who and who not to work with! All while niched into the clinician space, we’ve designed for photographers, apartment complexes, quilters, skincare businesses, marketing professionals, boutiques, videographers and so much more! We encourage everyone to apply to be a client if you feel connected to our brand, personalities or design style.

What do the best websites for dietitians have?

Every dietitian website is going to have different needs. However, there are many cases where some dietitian websites have the same pages. This is not a bad thing! We only find that many websites for dietitians follow the same pattern: recipe index, freebies page, resources page.

Best websites for dietitians have good page intent.

This blogpost isn’t going to walk you through why you need a home page, an about page or a services page. Why? Because those are your most-assumed website pages for a website design. These pages are pretty standard for any type of website because we believe that your website should have a clearly defined homepage, an about page to connect with your ideal client and a services page to outline ways to work together. However, a really good dietitian website has pages that are intentful.

AKA – you thought about what your ideal client wants to consume and you created it! This can mean creating a page that not many other dietitians have on their website, but it makes sense for you. OR, this can mean having a similar page as other dietitians, but naming it something that your audience responds to.

The Balanced Nutritionist: Great Page Intent

the balanced nutritionist websites for dietitians

When we want to design the best websites for dietitians, we listen to what our client wants. With Jamie’s website, you’ll notice that she does not have a services page. You’ll also notice that she blogs a ton of recipes and health-tip related blogposts, but there’s no “blog” tab.

That’s because Jamie knows her ideal client, and she knows that name her “blog” page as “nutrition” makes more sense because all of her regular blogposts are normally nutrition-related.

nutrition blog websites for dietitians

This is a wonderful example of having great page intent because Jamie had thought about her page naming (and what pages she even wanted to have) much before even asking our opinion on it. When you have a general idea of what pages may work well for your ideal client, your website can flourish much better than it ever has. With the right blogging strategy, branding and website design, Jamie has experienced major website growth after moving her website to WordPress.

High performing websites for dietitians have a consistent blog strategy.

We all want a high-performing website because what sounds better than getting ideal client leads in your inbox while you’re asleep or on vacation? I can’t think of anything better! When designing websites for dietitians that are also high-performing, this only works in combination of our work and your work (as the client).

You cannot expect to hit “publish” on your website and it automatically get hits from Google instantly. It just doesn’t work that way! In reality, you have to put in the work to make it high-performing. Like our client Alyssa, she publishes numerous blogposts per week on her website.

PCOS Nutritionist Alyssa: Consistent Blogging Strategy

showit websites for dietitians

In the dietitian space, blogging is almost like a buzzword. I hear it and see it all the time from wellness influencers, dietitian coaches, dietitian copywriters, dietitian Facebook groups – everywhere. Blog blog blog. But, I’d hate to say, as much as it is a buzzword, it’s right.

Blogging is a way to consistently tell Google that your website deserves to be on page one. This introduces something called Domain Authority which is the score that your website receives for producing “authoritative” content. The more posts you publish that are full of relevant and consumable content (that people actually like to read), the better your DA score will be. The higher your score, the more likely your posts are to appear on Google Search.

There’s no magic number of blogposts you should be producing per week, month or day. Our professional suggestion would be to find a number that you feel comfortable with and that you are able to be consistent with. If that’s one a week (4x a month) then great! If it’s one a month, that’s great too. What matters is that you continue to blog no matter what.

Alyssa does a great job at publishing a few blogposts per week. Some days she may publish a new recipe while other days are tips about PCOS. Either way, her audience [and Google] is learning that what she’s posting is actually relevant to their needs, and in return, they’ll appear on Google Search based on keywords.

blogging websites for dietitians

Keyword ranking is a whole different ballgame that we’ll cover in a different blogposts very soon. For now, all you need to know is to research keywords BEFORE you write your blogposts. Writing blogposts without purpose will not help – they should be relevant to a searchable keyword or phrase via Google. By consistently blogging, Alyssa has improved from 691 users per month to nearly 1.5K. We are so happy for her!

pcos nutritionist alyssa results

Great websites for dietitians will have invested money up-front to perform in the long-term.

Okay– this might ruffle some feathers. Although we are a service-based business for clinicians, it doesn’t change my opinion that investing in your branding, website and copywriting WILL have a positive effect in the long-term. And let me tell you why.

Nourishing NY: Investing for the Long Term

websites for dietitians on squarespace

We started working with Courtney in 2019 on her rebranding, website redesign and copywriting. She had come to us having letting go an RD on her team because of a lack of clientele and super frustrated with what to do or say in the social media & messaging. At the time, Courtney invested nearly $8,000 just on her brand, website and copywriting. And she didn’t stop there.

After launching her new rebrand, we suggested that she consistently blog (or have an intern do so) for a few months post-launch so we can gain some analytics on her website and it’s performance.

squarespace analytic report

After seeing an increase in leads per month, Courtney recognized the potential of her website within 6 months of launching. Soon after, we began managing her SEO. For some perspective, this is about $1,000/month. As a result, she’s been able to:

  • Hire 4 new RDs
  • Rank for 9 of her top-desired keywords on page 1 of Google Search
  • Beat competitors on Google Search who are using paid ads
  • Consistently receive 50+ ideal leads per month
  • Grow a waitlist of 2 months of ideal clients

websites for dietitians analytic report

It’s important to know these results are coming in 9 months after SEO management and after Courtney had previously invested in a custom branding, website design and copywriting. We always recommend at least 6 months of SEO management before making any decisions to continue. SEO is a long-term game, but it’s well worth the investment you’ll get back. Apply to work with us!

Where can I find the best websites for dietitians for inspiration?

Look no further than our own studio! Each day we are growing a portfolio of the best websites for dietitians in Showit, Squarespace and WordPress. As a team, we have designed branding, wrote website copy and developed websites for many dietitian specialties like:

  • PCOS
  • Diabetes
  • Women’s health
  • Hormone health
  • Eating disorders
  • Intuitive eating
  • Gut health
  • Recipe development
  • IBS & SIBO
  • Binge eating
  • And so much more!

team branding photo

I want you to design me the best website for dietitians!

To get on our roster, you can apply to work with us on our Contact Page. By doing som you’ll get into our systems and contacted to schedule a discovery call to learn more about our process and what working together might look like.

We cannot wait to work with you!