The Ostomy Dietitian, Online Dietitian for Ostomates

The role of an online dietitian has become increasingly pivotal, providing guidance to a small subset of individuals. The Ostomy Dietitian, one of the only dietitians in the United States to focus on nutrition for those with ostomies. Amalia booked Chloe Creative for a branding project with social media templates, so let’s dive into the beauty that came from it!

What you can learn from this online dietitian focusing in ostomies

When Amalia reached out to us, I honestly had no idea what an ostomy was. So, I had to do some research prior to our initial discovery call. Once chatting a few minutes with Amalia and learning about her experience with an ostomy and her dream of starting her online private practice for those with ostomies (aka, ostomates) I was immediately intrigued and ready to dive in.

With all the dietitians we have ever worked with, this was one of the only clients who didn’t really have any direct competitors. As far as she knew, she would be one of the only dietitians niched in ostomy nutrition in the United States. How cool is that?!

The Service Amalia Booked Chloe Creative For:

Amalia was very new in establishing her online private practice, but was soon starting a coaching program and wanted to have all of her resources available alongside the content she’d be learning.

This is a very common question we get asked in our DMs, inquiry forms or discovery calls:

When should I invest in a brand design?

While there isn’t a perfect time to invest in a branding, there are a couple criteria we’d recommend knowing prior to getting your online practice branded:

  • Knowing your ideal client: who they are, what they need, struggles and goals they have
  • Clear service offerings: if you don’t know how you are going to solve your ideal clients’ struggles, it will be hard for us to convey this design-wise
  • Goals & visions: you need a “next step” – what’s the purpose of this brand? where do you want to be?

Because of that, Amalia was the perfect candidate to begin branding her newly founded online private practice, The Ostomy Dietitian. Just wait until you guys see this icon! She booked us for:

  • Custom brand design:
    • Primary, secondary and alternate logos
    • Patterns
    • Typography
    • Color palette
    • Moodboard (Read more about why this is included!)
  • Instagram Highlight covers
  • Instagram Feed templates

Strategy for an The Ostomy Dietitian

As always, we like to tab into the deeper meaning behind a practice. With Amalia’s ideal client being so particular (and it being a topic that many are unaware of), we wanted to really make sure we made her and others feel seen and heard through this brand. Let’s dive into some answers she gave us in her intake form:

Why did you start this business?

I started this business because I want to connect with as many people with ostomies as I can in order to learn their stories and how living with an ostomy has impacted their food choices and overall nutrition. My goal is to share my experience and my dietetic knowledge in hopes it will resonate with other ostomates (ostomate = a person with an ostomy. This is what individuals with ostomies call themselves!). My short term goal is to work one on one with clients to support them through the different stages of getting an ostomy as it relates to eating (pre-op, post-op, maintenance), but my long term goal is to ultimately become the authority on this topic.

What are some of your values?

Integrity is probably the biggest. I am a very honest and transparent person and it is hard for me to trust those who are not honest with themselves and others. Kindness, empathy, understanding, and gratitude play huge rolls in my life as well.

What does your ideal client struggle with?

My audience struggles with finding safe foods to eat. Finding foods to eat that won’t cause them to have leaks from their ostomy bags, intestinal blockages, that won’t keep them up all night in the bathroom, that won’t cause gas, that will make them feel nourished and full, that will support general health and any comorbidities, places to eat safely outside the house, while traveling and on an airplane, and lastly, my audience likely struggles with acceptance of the limitations of the ostomy while celebrating the freedom it gives as well.

Why might someone trust you?

My hope is that I create a brand that feels trustworthy and relatable to others. When your whole life revolves around poop (my ostomy + two toddlers), you can’t help but find humor in it all. I think my audience will be drawn to my transparency, because there is SO much that just hasn’t been said in this space and I can already hear 1 million ostomates chuckling at some of the things I put out there!

Brand Concepts for an Online Dietitian Focused in Ostomy Nutrition

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this blogpost, capturing this audience was one of the most important things about this brand. We wanted them to feel heard, understood and recognized – even Amalia herself since she lives with an ostomy as well. That said, we centered her entire brand off one icon that resembles the ostomy.

Social Media Templates for an online dietitian focused on ostomies

With any project, you have the ability to “add-on” different elements to really make your project your own! Our most popular add-on is social media templates because this is what a lot of private practice clinicians struggle with. We design all of our templates in Canva so they are easy for you to edit the contents, colors and typography with your branding we’ve created. Then, you can duplicate and recreate structures so easily for future posts!

Here’s The Ostomy Dietitian’s Instagram Highlight Circles:

Instagram Feed Templates for The Ostomy Dietitian:

What you should know about branding for an online dietitian with a specific niche

Most of our dietitian clients have a specific niche in mind and we love working with them! Here are some of our favorite online dietitian projects that included a branding:

With a niche as specific as Amalia’s, the key is to really take part as the ideal client you are designing for. Take their wishes, desires, likes and dislikes and make them your own! That way, you can easily take on the job as a true client and understand what brand will make them feel something.

If you’re an online dietitian looking for a brand with social media templates, apply to work with us. At this time we are accepting new clients for February 2024!