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The Women’s Health RN, Women’s Health Nutritionist Project

There’s a growing demand for health professionals who can provide personalized guidance on nutrition and well-being. Well, welcome to The Women’s Health RN. Ginny is a Registered Nurse with extensive background in nutrition, functional medicine and women’s health. We invite you to step into project of a women’s health nutritionist, where the intersection of her branding, website design, and compelling copywriting come together to create an extraordinary online presence for her business.

In this blogpost, we will dive into showcasing the perfect fusion of aesthetics and knowledge, and discover how a well-crafted brand identity, an engaging website, and captivating copy can transform not only a professional’s online image but also the lives of the women they serve.

Before we dive into the Women’s Health RN project, we want to back this post up so you can fully grasp this project in its entirety: why does a women’s health nutritionist need custom design work?

Now, this question isn’t to sway you to immediately invest in custom design work– there is a time and a place. Ginny came to Chloe Creative on Instagram referred to us by my college best friend (Hi Katherine if you are reading this – thank you!). She had a current website, a DIY’d brand and copywriting that wasn’t serving her practice. She knew this – which was key.

After hopping on a discovery call with her, I quickly learned that she was highly knowledgable. Ginny has a ton of education and credentials to back her experience which I’ll outline below:

  • Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine from the University of Western States
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Franciscan University
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Certified FEMM Fertility Awareness Instructor

And if you’re sitting here thinking – woah! Same here. Ginny is SO well-versed in women’s health, it’s shocking. When I learned this information about her, I immediately knew that her branding, website and copywriting needed to showcase this education. Thus, she booked us for our bundle of branding, web and copywriting to save her $1,700. I am SO glad she chose to invest in herself because the outcome has been nothing but amazing.

How to Portray Knowledge of a Women’s Health Nutritionist

As mentioned above, it was really important to portray the knowledge Ginny has throughout her branding. Now – this doesn’t mean that we need a clinical microscope or DNA spruced throughout her brand. There’s many different ways to accomplish professionalism and knowledge in your brand which we’ll outline below.

Keep things refined.

When your number one goal of a branding is to portray knowledge– as it is with most clinicians– it’s important to keep things refined and simple. Meaning, you don’t want something that’s going to feel young and too playful.

Notice I said too playful… It’s definitely possible to merge playful with refined which is exactly what we did in Ginny’s branding. She has some fun glyphs and shapes that bring out her fun personality!

Consider a color palette that’s neutral with few pops of color.

Now this isn’t to say that brands with super colorful color palettes aren’t knowledgable. It’s all about how your usage comes across in various mediums such as social media / in person. However, we’ve found that most of our clinician brands tend to lean on the earth-toned side. Ginny’s branding sort of encompasses neutral with a slight edge with the deep purple.

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When you visit her website, you’ll notice that we lean more on the neutral side throughout: this is for that exact reason above. We use her pops of color sparingly so it doesn’t take away the fact that she is a highly educated individual.

Use clear-cut lines on graphics and/or website.

This may sound funky– but curvature is important. You’ll notice on some other projects like Hannah Byrne Nutrition or Behind the Binge that we chose to incorporate slanted elements or ones with arches. This is not due to the fact that these dietitians aren’t knowledgable: instead, we felt that using those elements wouldn’t take away from the education piece. In those cases, it actually complemented the brand as a whole to create a very cohesive website.

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Copywriting for a Women’s Health Nutritionist

The next most important piece of nailing Ginny’s project was the copywriting portion. As mentioned above, Ginny had a previous website designed by herself (which was totally fine for that point in time), but the copywriting was really necessary to amplify the sort of value she provides to her clients.

Diana, our in-house copywriter, has written for multiple other projects for the same reason of correctly portraying value:

That said, she had it in the bag with Ginny. Some of the keywords Ginny’s website was desired to rank for was: functional medicine nutritionist, hormone specialist, women’s hormone specialist, functional nutritionist and more. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big reason why a lot of our clients choose to work with our copywriter because writing SEO-driven copy is HARD.

How to grow a women’s health nutritionist website

Now that Ginny is equipped with everything she needs to kickstart her practice for growth, she can focus on actually growing her website. It’s very common for an individual wanting to immediately see results from a website right after launch–but this isn’t realistic.

There are a few criteria that needs to be met so that you’re able to effectively grow your website post-launch:

  1. An established brand presence to connect with your ideal audience. Now that you’ve launched your branding, USE IT. Make it known on Instagram, your website and/or any additional funnels. Without a brand presence, individuals will get to your website and hop off. If your website has a high bounce rate, consider rebranding.
  2. Master your copywriting to effectively speak to their needs. Because Ginny invested in copywriting, this piece is covered. Many individuals try to piece-meal their messaging, which can be super detrimental to conversion rates. Ensuring your copywriting is effective will help you begin to rank via Google.
  3. Establish and implement a blogging strategy to get pages onto Google. What’s website growth without active content to back it? Nothing! Blog strategy is so important– first, establish what content pillars you’ll be blogging about (i.e. nutrition, recipes, lifestyle, education), and then choose a blogging schedule (i.e. twice per week). Stick to it for 6 months.

When you’ve been doing the above for 6 months post-launch, you can consider SEO Management.At this point, you’ve invested in all the puzzle pieces to set your website up for success and want to really hand-off it’s growth to a professional team. We’d love to work with you 1:1 long-term to reach your SEO goals and sustain your positioning in the Google Search.

Looking for a custom branding or website designer as a women’s health nutritionist?

Welcome! We’re team Chloe Creative – in business since 2018, effectively serving clinicians worldwide. We serve clinicians in private practice in branding, website design, copywriting and all the above in bundles so you can save. To consider working with us, apply for a discovery call so we can custom-provide a quote and detailed plan of action moving forward.